Willow: MorningMature

Everyone splits up and went back to there rooms. So now I was left bored. I ran back to my room and  grabbed my journal and a basic spell book that I need for classes. Then I left locking the door with my wand.

I run down the stairs and through a few corridors before I find a courtyard with an amazing willow tree which is in bloom. I climb up into the brached and sit back against the trunk.

I open the basic spell book first. It doesn't have much but Kira said that it was too late to revise together tonight.

I read the first paragraph then rest it on a branch with my journal and pull out my wand. I point it at a flower. I twirl and flick then tug upwards.

The flower is plucked from the branch. I put a hand out and move the wand to float the flower to my waiting hand.

I look at the pink petals. "Pretty" I say smiling. I slide my wand into my belt and carefully put the flower into my hair.

"What you doing out so late?" I jump at the voice and look down to see Joe looking up into the tree.

"I'm enjoying natures bliss" I say smiling. I grab my journal and the basic spell book then swing down from the tree. "What are you doing out so late?"

"Thinking" he says looking up at the almost dark sky. I look up and see hints of the moon showing.

"Going to be a nice night" I mutter. "I should get back inside"

I begin on my way inside and Joe begins to walk at my side. "School doesn't start for 3 days yet. But tommorow I want you to meet me in the libary at 11 o'clock for some small training" Joe says. I stop and face him and smile.

I grip the two books to my chest tightly. "Okay, I'll see you later" I wave as I run off down the corridors.

When I get back to my room I flip open my journal and begin to sketch Joe from memory.


I wake to bright light's streaming in through the window. I sit up my journal falling from my chest.

I turn and look at the clock. 10:34 am

Oh, crud. I jump up and rush around getting my outfit together. A white t-shirt, jeans, my dr martins and then the shool jacket with the house symbol.

I grab together my books and push them into my large black bag. I flide my wand into my belt.

Then quickly I rush out of the room bumping into Liam and Kira. "Hi... guys" I look at my watch. "Bye guys"

I rush past them. The stairs are full so I jump onto the banister and run down that. At the end I flip landing perfectly on my feet. Then again I take off.

I run till I get to the libary where Joe is waiting. He's reading a book and next to him is a tray with breakfast on.

"Eat quickly we need to work" He says looking over the book at me.

The End

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