After the second girl came down - who was really excited, so was rather amusing to watch - we all went down to the dining hall. Half way I noticed I still wasn't in my uniform so I felt slightly uncomfortable. No one mentioned anything though. 

We all sat down at the table with the lively one opposite, and Kira on the seat next to me and Luke opposite her. They all seemed really nice, and I was actually enjoying myself.  

"We get to sit together for the first few days until school starts and everyone hasn't arrived. Then we split into our house groups." Liam told us. He'd been here a while so he new a lot about the school. 

"School hasn't even started?" Kira asked. Her light brown hair was tied up in an elegant bun, and her skin was really smooth. Liam shook his head. 

"What's your name by the way?" I asked the girl opposite. She was literally bouncing on her seat. 

"Willow" She said smiling. 

"Well, nice to meet you Willow." Kira said back to her. 

"We eat alone for the few days too. The teachers leave us alone to make new friends and stuff like that. But don't go causing trouble. They know exactly what's going on. Or at least they say they do." Liam informed us. 

"What's it like here?" I asked him. "What classes do we take?" 

"Well, there's potions, useful spells, advanced spells, physical education and a few more. It's nice here, and most of teachers are okay. Some though you'd do best not getting on the wrong side of." 

"What are the houses?" Kira asked. "I'm in Brontide, but what are the others?" 

"I'm In cagamos." I told her. 

"Brontide" Willow said grinning. 

"Yeah I'm in Brontide too," Liam said. "The houses are the people your going to be spending time with the most. People who will be in your classes too." 

I looked down at my food. The three friends I had made so far were all in the same group - and I wasn't. It was just my luck, to be separated from everyone.

"This food is amazing!" Willow nearly shouted. Kira laughed, as well as Liam. 


When I got back to my room, I opened my wardrobe to check out my uniform. It consisted of smart, black pants, with a black jumper with a yellow logo on it. In the middle of the logo, the letter C was was surrounded by green vines, and orange roses. 

That must be the Cagamos logo, I thought. There was also a white shirt, and a long black cloak. There was red shorts, and an orange polo shirt with the Cagamos logo on it as well, plus a red jumper. At the bottom of the wardrobe, orange socks with a red rim were neatly folded up. Was that the P.e Kit? 

I wondered what P.E would be like. The usual rounders, football and rugby, or something magical? 

Looking at my timetable, I saw that it was going to be my first lesson. 

The End

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