Kira; Dinner and WandsMature

I stayed back with Henry as Liam and... and.... I didn't even know her name went in front, Liam tried to tell her where to go, it was quite entertaining seeing her wide eyes and nearly running around the halls. It was like a toddler on a sugar rush with a parent whose exhausted trying not to loose there temper in the middle of a busy mall.  

As we entered the hall it was decorated magnificently with candles and suits of old armour, the moonlight from the big windows trickling off of the stone walls.

"We get to sit together for the first few days until school starts and everyone hasn't arrived. Then we split into our house groups."

"School hasn't even started?" I asked as we all sat down, Liam opposite me next to what's her face, and Henry next to me.

"What's your name by the way?" Henry asked like he had read my mind.


I smiled at her. "Well pleased to meet you Willow."

"We eat alone for the few days too. The teachers leave us alone to make new friends and stuff like that. But don't go causing trouble. They know exactly what's going on. Or at least they say they do." he smiled.

"Good to know." I said, yet again, smiling.


I followed the long hall way and went up yet another stair case. As I walked into my room and closed the door I looked at the book shelf. All the books were there! I couldn't work out if this was a well devised joke, a dream or my imagination. Which ever way I wanted it so much to be real.

What the lady said in the library still bothered me as I sat, with my legs crossed, on the bed. Great things? I pulled out my wand from my pocket and caressed it in my hands. When I held it felt like I was powerful, like I could actually become great. But great at what?

I jumped up from the bed and nearly ran over to the book shelf. "Basic spells... basic spells." I muttered to myself as I looked at the title of each book. There were a lot.  "a ha!" I picked the medium sized book, with old pages, flicking through the pages it shoed you the wand movement, how to pronounce the word and a description of what it is used for and how best to use it. 

The End

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