Willow: Making friendsMature

I decide to look around and as I come out of my room I spot three people in the hall. "Hi!" I shout they jump turning to look at me.

"Uh, hi" one of them mumbles. I skip up to them.

"I'm new here. How about you guys?"

"I'm new, the name's Kira" the girl says smiling. "This is Henry whose also new and Liam"

"Nice to meet you all" I say bowing slightly.

"That's your wand" Liam asks indicating it stuck in my belt. I tug it out twirling it in a circle before letting rest in my hand.

"Yep. I've learned on thing at the moment" I say. I point it at the light. I twirl then flick and the light snaps off.

"Hmm, quite good" Liam notes.

"Yeah, used it on the way out of my room. I can levitate things as well..... although the first time I did fall over"

Everyone begins laughing and I can't help but smile looking up at all of them.

"What have you lot been doing?" I ask simply.

"I looked around before finding the libary" Kira says.

"Only just step out" Henry says.

"Making sure that Kira gets back to her room and doesn't get lost" Liam says. It causes another burst of laughter and I find myself easily relaxing.

"I never get lost" I say spining arms wide.

"Shall we test that?" Liam says smiling cheekily. Then a bell goes. "That's the warning bell for dinner" he says. "We should make our way down"

"I didn't get chance to read some of the books I got out of the libary" Kira mutters. I smile across at her.

"Can I come and revise with you later?" I ask.

"Sure" she says smiling. We take the stone stairs down into another hallway.

"This place is huge" I say. "You take the path along the road, And don't understand the young lost Rose. Hmm, that one needs some work"

"You're a poet?" Kira says interested.

"I write a few things and also draw" I say winking happily. Then I run off slightly ahead with a bit of a skip in my step.

Then coming to the end of the hallway I turn back to face them. "Come on guys" I say.

"That girl has too much energy. I know that and we've only been with her about 20/30 minutes" Henry says shaking his head.

"This way" Liam says gesturing to the right.

"Okay" I say then we turn onto a hallway with a set of double doors at the end. "Food!" I punch the air making everyone laugh.

The End

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