Before I had time to check out my wand, there was a knock on my door. 

I walked over, nervously. Opening the door, I saw a small weird looking creature stood there smiling up at me. He definitely wasn't human, I was sure abut that. Was he a... goblin? 

"Hi Henry, I've brought you your timetables and other bits of information that you will need." 

He handed over a bunch of files to me, and I took them speechless. 

"And another thing, I'd appreciate it if you wear your uniform when you come down to dinner - school rules. Welcome to Papillion Henry." and with that he turned round and walked down the stone steps. 

I needed to sit down. This school seemed to be for magic, that was for certain. But I wasn't magic... was I? I decided to try out the wand, as that seemed the best way to find out. 

Lifting it out of the box, I suddenly felt a warm tingle fly up my arm. The wooden stick, with green metal vines wrapped round it, seemed to fit in my hand, as if me and the wand had become one. I waved it round expecting nothing to happen but a book flew out of my bookcase and landed on the floor. I could read the title 'magical creatures' from where I was stood.Wow. 

I had just done magic. I couldn't believe it. How? Actually, no, the question was more like, why? Why hadn't I known about this? I glanced around, thinking about what to do next, and I decided to explore the school, like Delilah had said. Hopefully I would find someone else, who like me, had only just got here and was just as confused as I was. Or if not, someone who could explain to me.

Walking down the stone steps, I noticed other doors leading to students rooms. Some, I could hear music, and one door I head a girl yell "What did you do?". 

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I found myself in some sort of common room. A girl was just leaving the main door, already dressed in her school uniform and I debated whether or not to follow her. I decided not to. 

I sat down on an armchair near the fire, and opened a book that was near by. The wanders of magic, I read on the front cover. This seemed like a good way to spend my time, seeing as I was in a school for magic. 

After a while, the girl came back in accompanied by a tall boy. I smiled over to them and they smiled back, shyly. 

"Shouldn't you be in your uniform?" The boy asked me. 

"I'm going to get changed in the bit. I just wanted to look round here first. My names Henry by the way. Henry Jordan" I said, introducing myself.

"Hi Henry. I'm Liam and this is Kira." He told me. 

"Are you new here?" the girl asked. I nodded my head. "So am I, I just got here today." 

The End

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