Willow: OuchMature

"Ahh" As soon as reality comes back into focus I fall back. I rool back wards on the floor before getting into a crouch. "You could have warned me" I snap. Then I feel quite sad.

I stand up brushing down my clothes. Then I realise where we are. "We teleported" I whisper.

The rooms amazing. It has an oval shaped bed with a white veil hanging over it. The walls are painted a light blue and the carpets a bluish white. I also have and old victorian desk and bookcase in the corner. Then off to the left is a small hallway with a door leading off to the block in my room and the other right at the end probably to the hallway. Also there is a wardrobe.

"Wow" I whisper.

"Personalized to you" Joe says looking around. He looks down at me and smiles. I'm over come with happiness. I run up and hug him round the waist.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" I say happily. He laughs and put an arm round my shoulder turning me to face the desk where a set of books, a box and uniform are left.

"I am not wearing all that green" I say pointing at it angrily.

"Well, then you'll have no uniform and P.E kit" he says shrugging. I finally let go of his waist and walk over to the table.

I pick up the jacket. "I'll wear this though" I say shrugging it on.

"That might work. But what about P.E?" He asks.

"I have a gym kit. I always do" I say smiling up at him. I pick up the books looking through them the names baffling me.

"They're are your lesson" he says. He picks up the box lifting the lid and pulling out something amazing. "Is your wand"

Its thin and twiling up from the bottom is two sort of blue and then silver vines. "Wow" I mouth unable to actually say it.

Someone knocks on the door and he moves off. I turn to watch him holding the wand perfectly in my hand like it was made to fit it. Joe opens the door to a.......

"OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO CUTE" I squeal at the small goblin. Yes, he's slightly ugly as well but I can't help myself. Now I'm not at the house my true personality is showing through. Happy and easily excited.

"Thank you, Ro" Joe says taking a sheet from the goblin and looking at me with a raised eyebrow as he closes the door. Then he just smiles shaking his head. "You baffle me"

"I do that to a lot of people" I say. I look back down at the wand then up at Joe. "How do I move objects?"

"With the right flick" he says. "I must be going"

He walks over and hands me the sheet he got from the goblin. "That's your time table and dinners in two hours" He says. "You may wander but don't be late your house is Brontide"

I nod. "If you need me call" He says. Then with a bright flash he's gone.

The End

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