Kira; The LibraryMature

After twenty minuets, to my astonishment, I found the library.

"Umm excuse me?" I asked the woman at the desk, she looked at me kidly, "How do I take out books? If I'm allowed that is" I added quickly.

She smiled "Oh of course your allowed to take them out dear. Just bring me how ever many you want and I'll send them up to your room."

"Thanks" I walked away looking up at the book shelves that toward above me in about a hundred isles.

"The basic stuff is the third one on your right and straight down." she called.

"Thank you" I smiled at her as I walked in the direction she said.
I stared at the masses of books on the shelves, there were multiple copies of each book, so I was guessing quite a lot of people used this. Reading the titles as I slowly walked along there was quite a lot that sparked my interest, ‘Basic Wand Movements for the Beginner', ‘Basic Spells', ‘The Encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures', 'All you need o know about Potions; Basic to Advanced.',  ‘Goblin Banking;, ‘The Wanders of Magic', ‘The History of Magic', I picked them all up as I went along nearly breaking my arms off they were so heavy.

"Can I take these out please?" I said trying to put them down on the counter without missing as the books covered my face.

"Of course. I take it you like to read." I nodded as she smiled then brought out her wand writing all the dates down on the front of the books, everyone at once.

"What room number do you live in dear?"

"Oh." I had no idea. "Umm. Oh dear. I have no idea. I'm sorry."
"Don't worry dear. Your in house Brontide aren't you."

"Yes Miss." I said politely.

"What's your name?"

"Kira Limewood."

"Ahh yes." she said slowly with a glint in her eye. "I thought it might be you. Dillon has been talking quite a lot about you dear. Let's just say you can achieve great things Kira." she smiled. I stayed silent. Great things? "The books have been sent up to your room." I looked down at the counter and they had disappeared.

"Wow." I muttered,

She laughed a little "You'll get used to that." I smiled and started to walk away when I remembered I had no idea how to get back.

"Liam!" I heard the woman call.

"Yes miss?" I heard a boys voice.

"Would you mind taking Kira back to the dorm," I spun round at the sound of my name. "she's a little lost." I blushed slightly for embarresment,

"No problem." he smiled at me from the table and got up to meet me. He was taller then me and admittedly quite good looking, with his short brown hair and green eyes looking down at me, "Don't worry I kept on getting lost when I first started." he said as we walked out of the big dark wooden doors,

"I can tell there gunna be a lot more of that on my part. Sorry if I took you away from your work" he smiled,

"No worries, I wasn't doing anything important, just browsing, Im in Brontide too."

"Then I might see you around. Well when I'm not reading."


The End

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