Kira; UnpackingMature

I sat on my bed reading the file the, (what I thought was a) goblin gave to me.  It was full of the school rules and regulations, safety issues and basic stuff on wands.

I unpacked my bag in the huge wardrobe, again made of light oak wood, and put my main school uniform on, putting the rest away on the hangers.

I looked at myself in the mirror hanging over the fireplace. With my white, crisp shirt and school jumper with my house logo on it with the green embroidery. I pulled my sleeves up to my elbows, I hated having things over my arms, it was just a weird habit. I put my skirt just over the knee so I wouldn't be told off for having it too short and I wouldn't be picked on for having too long. As I tied by hair back into a loose bun with my side fringe hanging to the side I looked into my crystal clear blue eyes. I knew that I wasn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. But I knew I wasn't ugly either, I have natural beauty, unlike most people. I smiled at myself as I tucked my medallion into my shirt to hide it.

Pulling my skin toned tights on I found new shows underneath the bed. Nothing special just ordinary black school shoes. But I fell in love with them instantly. I never had a real pair of school shoes, not as nice as this anyway.

"Okay..." I muttered to myself.  "Where first?... Anywhere." I slipped my wand in my pocket walking out the door. I tried to remember where I had come from and how to get back.  I walked down the stairs and past several other doors, all of them decorated differently until, what I guessed was the house's communal room. No one was in it, they must be out seeing there friends they haven't seen in a while or catching up on some sleep. 

The End

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