Dawn : UnorganisedMature

I slam the door of my room, blocking out the music. God, I hate my brother! I go over to my bed and sit down. My curtains aren't down and the moon light is reflecting off of something in my bin.

I go over to it and pick it up. It's something in that letter I got today. I take out the piece of black cloth with red skulls on it. Cool! I unwrap the cloth. Inside is a  red emerald necklace. Wow! It's soo awesome!

I quickly put it on and out the cloth on my head, using it as a  hair bandana. Cool. I sit on my bed on pick up my ipod. "Hello." I jump out of my skin. "Flugger! You scared the living daylights outta me!" I say, putting a hand to my chest.

I look up and see a small girl, she looks about 18. I sigh. "Look girl. This is my room. I don't care if Jay says you can go wherever, you can't come in here." I say annoyed getting to my feet. The girl laughs musically. "I'm Sookie Gemstone." She says smiling.

I put my hands on my hips. "If you don't get out of here right now, I swear to high heaven that you'll be Sookie Broken-bones!" I say and scowl at her and she giggles."Yes they said you'll be trouble. Now come on." She says innocently.

I narrow my eyes. "Go where?" She shakes her head. "Your new school of course Dawn Blood." I take a step forward as she says my name. "How the hell..." I start but she cuts me off looking annoyed. "Never mind that! We are going to be late. Now where's your bags?" I look at her confused.

She sighs and goes over to my wardrobe, she opens it. "Hey! You can't do that!" I say loudly, losing my temper. "I just did." She says and pulls out my bag. "There, we can go now." She smiles at me. The bag is always packed, just in case dad calls and wants me to go to Africa with him, but this girl must think it's because of this school.

I roll my eyes and sit on my bed, puting my earphones in and turning on my ipod. Sookie looks down at me, her face going red with fustration. She grabs my bag and ipob charger. I get to my feet and turn off my ipod.

"Give. Them. Back!" I hiss through gritted teeth. She looks at me stubbonly. I reach for them and she grabs my hand.

She lets go but I'm not in my room. I look around gobsmached. "Where the hell am I?" I whisper. "What did you do?" I yell at Sookie, my fist clenched. 

The End

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