Henry goes to schoolMature

I nearly fell off my bed, when she spoke.

"Wow, where did you come from? Who let you in?" I stood up quickly.

She was a middle aged woman, with short black hair cut in a stylish bob. Her eyes were a misty grey, under her smart glasses. She wore a long red cloak, which trailed to the floor nearly covering her gold heels.

"I've come from Pappillion, didn't you read the letter? And no body let me in, I let myself in. I hope that's all right. I thought this was all explained in the letter. You did get the letter, right?"

Her voice was very high pitched, and she was speaking very fast as if she was nervous. 

"I got the letter, but I assumed it was a joke." I told her, as she glanced around my room, her eyes lingering on my small pack. I looked around, to see where she could have come from but of course my window was closed and I hadn't heard my door open.

"I've not got time to explain here, so just hold on to my arm, and close your eyes. This is going to feel weird but it will be over in seconds." She told me. I was about to ask what she meant, but before I could speak she had grabbed my bag and my arm, and the next minute we were gone. 

Everything was distorted, and all I could see was a bright light. I tried to let go, but my hand was stuck to her. After a few seconds, I found myself in a different room, and I looked at her amazed. How on earth, had we done that? 

"This is your room from now on. It's been decorated to your personality. Your uniform is already hung up in your wardrobe along with your P.E kit, and your wand is in that box on the table. Your house is going to be Cagamos. Dinner starts in three hours, so you've got time to rest, or explore" 

I looked at her incredulously. Had she really just kidnapped me, and told me this was my new room?

"Hold on a minute. I don't know what this is about, but you can take me right home. What do you mean that this is now my room? What about my own room?" I was starting to get a bit annoyed now. Then a thought struck me, so I started to speak again before she could answer my first questions.

"Is this about Frank? I know he's not looking after me that well, but it's understandable. Things will get better, just-" 

"Henry. Stop. This isn't about Frank, this is about you." She said, interrupting me. I shut my mouth, and fell silent. 

"I thought you were told more in the letter, but obviously not. You see Henry, this school is for special people, talented people. Like you. There's no getting out of this Henry. Frank is going to be fine, we've made sure of that, but now it's you that matters. This school is going to be good for you." 

I didn't know what to say. I had just been took from my room, landed in a new place by something I could only describe as magic, and told I couldn't get out of it. I looked round expecting to see cameras jumping out telling me I was the source of a practical joke, but none did.

"Is this real?" I asked her, quietly. A new feeling was slowly taking over my first burst of annoyance. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, and then I realised it was hope. If this was real, then I could finally belong somewhere and not drift from house to house like I was doing. But it seemed too... absurd to be true. 

"Yes, Henry. I know this must be really strange for you, but give it a try and see what you think. Go to the common room, and speak to others if you want too. There are others here that have just arrived." 

She just looked at me, and I couldn't say anything back, so I took the time to take in my room.

It truly had been matched to my personality. A single bed was pushed in the corner, with thick emerald quilts covering it. On the other side, there was a huge, dark, wooden wardrobe and a full bookcase. The rest of the room was empty, covered in thick, warm carpet. I loved it. I loved the space that it had. I didn't feel suffocated here. On the far side of the room, there was a huge window looking out onto the gardens. 

But it wasn't my room. 

"Delilah, what happens if I want to go home?" I would feel more comfortable knowing that I had a say in this. She looked at me sympathetically. 

"Do you want to?" she asked me, and I had to think. It had all happened too soon. This morning I had walked into my house, expecting it to be like any other day, and yet now here I stood in a whole new world. A magic one at that. Did I want to leave?

What is there to go back too, a sudden thought came to my head. Frank wouldn't be able to cope with out me. Then again, he probably wouldn't even noticed I disappeared. 

"Think about it, and if you want too then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." She said to me. "I've got to go now, but I'll meet up with you soon." 

I nodded, and she disappeared right in front of my eyes. I ran over all the things she had said, to see if I could make sense of any of it. Then I suddenly remembered something.

Had she said wand?

The End

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