Kira; New Room and A New StartMature

"Have you got your stuff?" I looked down at my small bag.

"I think so." I said slowly.

"Is that it?" he said with a little pity,

"Oh, hold on" I picked up my one and only book from the side stand on my bed "Got everything." I said as I shoved the book into my backpack. He smiled.

"Okay, let me just explain this to you first. It's basic guardian protocol. When we teleport you will feel a little ill afterwards as it puts slight pressure on your body. Okay?" I nodded and he held my wrist. "So, all you have to do is take a big breath in and we shall leave."

I took a deep breath in filling my lungs and cheeks with oxygen, "Ready?" nodding, suddenly everything became distorted, then white, then bright colours danced around my eyes.

"Were here." I didn't even notice that we had landed. "I decorated your room according to your personality." he was right. In the middle of the large room was a wooden four poster bed made of light oak with cream curtains hanging from it. With the carpet soft under my feet it was the same colour. To my right in one of the alcoves was a big book case, quarter filled with books and the fireplace just next to it. I had two windows either side of the bed to bring lots of light in. With two side tables next to the pillows.
The basic colour scheme was basically all cream and woods. Just how I liked it. Clean, sophisticated but calming and assertive.  "Here is your school stuff," he walked over to the pile on the bed. "Uniform" which consisted of skirt, white shirt, tights, jumper, and robe "Physical education. You have your house colours which are green and white. Your Brontide by the way." The P.E kit was a skirt that was basically the school uniform accept the skirt was a light pleasant green (so was the jumper) and had white stripes round the hem line. It inclueded two pairs of white over the knee socks with a green strip at the top. "This is your wand." he passed it to me, it was the same as my room, a light oak. "Now this has all the power to make you great. You just have to find it." he walked back over to the bed "These are all the school books you'll need with quills and all that great stuff and scales for potions with all the accessories. Well I think that's about it. It is three pm here in Pappilion so you have three hours until dinner. It will be held in the great hall like every night. All of your meals are. Someone will bring your schedule soon, you can either nap till dinner or have an explore or just generally settle inn. Well I'll leave you to it then." he disappeared smiling at me.

"Okay then." I started to talk to myself as I put my bag on my bed and my wand on one of the side tables, when there was a knock on the door. As I opened it there was a small goblin like creature holding a small folder.

"Good afternoon Miss. Limewood, I have your schedule and other bits and pieces here for you." he said in a croaky voice.

"Thank you." I said politely as he passed them to me,

"I look forward to seeing you at dinner Miss. Limewood. We only ask that you should be in your uniform in school hours and at meals."

"I'll change then. Thank you." he turned and left down the stone steps. Another thing I never noticed.

I closed the door and admired my new room. This was going to be a new start for me. 

The End

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