Willow: Going to schoolMature

I come back after dinner and 'Family time'. More like mum taking over the tv then waiting till Elliot does the slightest thing wrong and dad snaps.

It took twenty minutes. I lie down on my bed shoes still on and my bag at the end of the bed. I continuely look at the clock till it shows.

11:59. A minute. Great how am I gonna get out of the hou-

"Hey" I jump with shock turning to face the person. I know immediatly my face is scared.

"Who.... who are you?" I whisper.

"Your school guardian" the guy says shrugging then he holds out his hand. "The names Joe"

I take his hand and shake it happily. "Nice to meet you but.... ahhh...... How did you get in? Also where is this school?" I fidget nervously bringing my ponytail over my shoulder to fiddle with the end which is at my waist.

"No, need to be nervous" he says bowing slight. Crud, he's tall. Well, everyone's taller then me my age or older but..... He is tall.

"I don't think I could help being nervous" I say smiling. I know that he probably sees it as a sweet one like a childs even though I'm 16 and a half.

Approximately 6 months till my birthday. Yay, celebrate.

"Okay then, I got in the same way we're gonna get out" he says smiling back.

"Hows that?" I ask. "The front door? Window? Back door? I dont think we have a back door" I pout slightly at the end.

Joe laughs. "Grab your bag" he says. I turn and pull it off the bed and shrug it on then turn back to him.

"We're getting out this way" he says then grabs my wrist.

The End

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