"Get. Out. Of. My. ROOM!" I shout throwing the pillow across and straight at my twin brother Elliot.

Not that we are alike. Hell, we're totally different.

"I'm only hear to give you this jeeze. Trust me why don't you" He say dropping an envelope on my bed.

"After the stunt you pulled at Cathy's party. Hardly likely you ruined my friendship" I begin crying. He's the only person I ever get mad at and when I do I end up in tears.

I'm not an angry person. I enjoy being happy and peppy. Even though I have freaky Bright blue eyes flecked with black and my black hair, which is cut edgy and is always tied back leaving a side fringe, also is tinged with blue.

"I apolagize. Again" Then with that he marches out the room. I continue to cry after he's gone and once it gets into small sniffles I pluck a tissue from the box on the side stand. I blow my noes and wipe my eyes. Then I pick up the envelope.

It has a slight wait. I open the flap gently and pull out a letter. Something wrap in a cloth fall to a bed. I pick it up and unwrap it.

"Beautiful" I whisper. Its gem with the colours of a soft light blue with tinges of dark blue. Holding it is a silver set of entwinings. With flowers and small dolphins. I then remember the letter and pull it out and begin reading.

Dear Willow Daniels

I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Pappilon Academy for the magically gifted. Please accept the small gesture in the package.
       Pappilon is one of the worlds leading schools for the gifted and you will be picked up by your guardian the night you receive this letter at midnight. Please be ready by packing a medium sized bag with your possesions.

    Regards from the teachers at Pappilon

"Hmm, odd" I whisper. But I get up pulling my rucksack out of the wardrobe. Its study if not often used. Luckily its quite big.

I push in my other set of Dr Martins and a pair of sneakers. Then in goes some clothes and pj's. Bathroom essentials. My journal in which I write poems and sketch designs and landscapes. Phone.

I look around then my eyes come to rest on the necklace. I pick it up and put it on tucking it beneath my black shirt even though the glow can be slightly seen. Then I sit and wait for this Guardian to arrive.

The End

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