Pappillion and the GagamotsMature

I jogged down the narrow stairs when I heard the post come through the door. "I'll get it!" I called to my mum ,who was in the kitchen, as I bent down and picked the letters off of the carpet.  "Here." I said with a smile as I past them to her, she snatched them off of me. "Thank you Kira, your such a sweet girl for getting the post for me dear." I made the conversation in my head.

"What on earth are you wearing?!" She looked me up and down as I sat at the dinner table, I hated her squeaky voice and premenstrual attitude.  Cheer up woman! I wanted to shout at her, but gladly I stayed silent. "Well?!" looking down at my clothes I saw nothing wrong with them, a clean white tank top with light blue chequered over shirt (that wasn't done up), dark blue skinny jeans and my trusty navy blue converse. "And why do you wear your hair like that?" I put my hand to my light brown hair that was in its usual ponytail moved and twisted over my shoulder. "Do what you like Kira, I am sick to death of your attitude." My attitude! I wanted to scream.

She looked through the post then stopped.  Looking at a letter with a big lump in it she threw the rest onto the spotless counter.

"This seemed to me for you." she tossed it onto the table.

"For me?"

"Yes." she hissed as she turned around and moved her breakfast around the pan.

I looked at the creased letter with the words To Kira Limewood written neatly in the middle. I opened it and pulled the letter out. I left whatever was rapped in cloth for later.

Dear Kira Limewood
        I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Pappilon Academy for the magically gifted. Please accept the small gesture in the package.
       Pappilon is one of the worlds leading schools for the gifted and you will be picked up by your gairdian the night you receive this letter at midnight. Please be ready by packing a medium sized bag with your possesions.

    Regards from the teachers at Pappilon

Now that I was incredibly confused, and I must admit a little scared I put the letter back into the envelope and put it in my pocket as I walked out of the room,

"What was it then?"

"Oh. Nothing. Just a letter for the teenage science association. Its about the competition I entered." I lied as I went back up stairs to my small bedroom.

The End

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