Azar, Persian name meaning 'fire', is kidnapped from her mother and father by black hooded figures. She is then imprisoned in The Cells, a holding cell next to a laboratory where scientists study children with her power. There she meets Demetrius, meaning 'loves the earth', who was also stolen from his family at a young age.
Join them as Azar escapes, right into a normal school, one which helps her unearth the truth of her family, one that has been lost for centuries.



"Mommy? Can you please pass me the ketchup?"


I was a very smart five year old, or so mommy told me. She told me that I surpassed the level of intelligence that I was meant to achieve at this young age. I was in grade two already!


Mom beamed at me, her pride for my intelligence showing bright.


I grinned happily as she passed me the ketchup over the noisy but comfortable table. It was dinner and my whole family was here for the trip. My six aunts and seven uncles, ten cousins, five nieces and seven cousins and two sets of grand parents. We were a very big family, we were.


"Thank you very much, mommy."


Everyone turned back to their conversations after listening to me talk. They seemed to like listening to me talk, somehow. I carefully drew a smiley face with the ketchup onto my chicken burger. I loved chicken but found it horrendous that they had to slaughter them. Yes, I was completely and utterly torn about killing chicken. Something which a five year old girl shouldn't be thinking about.


"Hey, mommy?" I asked.


She turned to me with a questioning glance. I smiled when she dropped the conversation she was having with my cousin, Rosalie, and turned her full attention on me. This was good because I literally bathed in my mother's attention, which was good and bad because she gave me her full attention. All of it, 100%.


 "You know-"


I couldn't finish my sentence before the side of the building exploded into rubble. The pieces of rubble smashed onto innocent bystanders, scarring them with flames. Fear clouded my senses and I started screaming in terror. Suddenly, hooded figures clad in pure black stormed into the restaurant, their blood red eyes scanning the place as though looking for something or someone.

My mother picked me up in a rush and backed up into the wall, her eyes widened in horror. Her breaths came out in short pants, distress making it hard to breathe. Watching my mother like this made my chest constrict, making me splutter in lack of oxygen.


One of the hooded figures turned it's bleeding red eyes onto us. It didn't really have eyes, just red bleeding sockets where the eyes were meant to be. My breathing started to rush then, heaving in and out at an incredible speed. 


Most of the figures stalked up to us and mom's grip tightened until it was uncomfortable. I squirmed and yelled in fright. I turned my head and watched as my dad convulsed on the floor, a figure looking down on him. I screamed.


"Dad!" I shrieked, "Dad!"


He twisted his head. Blood dripped from his eye... sockets, fire soon consumed him, turning his body into dark ashes. My mother yelped and fell forward, bringing me with her. My head smacked against the tiled floor, bringing on a headache. The pounding in my head increased until I was screaming in pain.


"Azar," The figure infront of me rasped.


He then seized me roughly and draggedme by the scruff of my neck. A piece of stray paper grazed my finger, leaving a smudge of blood.


A papercut.


The End

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