Not a good beginning

Eliyiah Amore, She typed. Then ereased the words from the screen. By Eliyah Amore, it looked better. The time was three o'clock in the morning on the first day of the summer holidays, and still the blonde haired girl sat, filling her eyes with the hazy image of the 12" computer screen.

 In fact, the girl's name was Eliyiah, a name meaning to love god and all other living creatures; she was Fifteen on the day I first got the honor of meeting her, which may sound rather pecuilar, or even a little selfish, If I were to inform you that I was her mother. Which I am. Eiliyah told me of her heroic story shortly after'll find out.....the horrible experience. And I felt the best way to aquaint others with the happenings, was to write a book. A short one mind. But a good one, or so I plan.

But I do give you an admonishment by confessing to you, it dosent have a very good ending.

The End

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