paper route

paper route a kids first job

BEEP BEEP.  "Ugh" that is what i thought as i got up at 6:00 a.m.  This was my first day in the ghettos on the paper route.  I was scared because the night before i heard some gun shots then "AAAHHHHHHHHHH."  Then the rushing down the ally way next to my house with shouts bye the police to stop.  "You there stop,  i said ' Stop!'.  Then there were more gun shots.  I was so scared, for the rest of the night I couldn't sleep.  

As i was walking out the door to get my bike i  noticed that it was gone.  "WHAT THE,""Were is my bike."  Great just great this day has gotten a lot worse which i thought was impossible.  Now i know this can't get any worse.

half way through my paper route it was about ten minutes till I was done the it started to rain.  Ugh just my luck it is now raining.

Later that day i was fired from that job.  I asked "why", but all my boss said was that there was to many complaints about there paper being went and ruined because the ink was all runny and couldn't read it."  Wow this is really my worst day of my life. 

The End

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