Paper Flowers

Here, I made you a HINT!

Paper flowers never crumble.
If given from a certain man,
The always stay in sight.
Paper flowers don’t get thrown, into the garbage can

 Paper flowers represent all the love that I am given.
You’ve done a wonderful job, showing how you care
These won’t make me sneeze,
I won’t need tissue hidden everywhere.

 Paper flowers always smell so manly,
I spray them with your cologne.
By my bedside they sit a comfort
For when I am alone.

 Paper flowers don’t need water
Point of fact, they cannot die.
If little hands should find them
Causing them to tear

 Paper flowers are resilient.
So easy to repair.
Our love’s a paper flower
Held here in my heart

 As long as you shall give them
I know we will not part.
I give to you this paper, cut into a rose
You are the man for me. I know for was my heart that chose.

The End

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