Paper Fan

Read and find out;)

I'm Erin Bell, Erinarna to be exact. My old life sounded boring, but it was perfect for me. Being unnoticed in school gave me freedom and let me escape from people that always wanted something, holding expectations that you always had to fulfill. It let me blend in without a worry or care in the world, well, until that day. I guess it got better, but then it got serious and put me into a position that you'd never want to be in. How would you feel if two boys gave up everything they had for you? Toughie isn't it? Just thinking about it, none of this would have happened if only that day went differently... 

'Erinarna Bell, your new seat is over there by the window. It's about time you spoke up and sat with a classmate, I haven't heard you speak even though you were in my class last year. Jaspar Clark, you're next to her.' Mr Croft said while writing our names onto a sheet of paper with the seating plan on.

So far in High School I've managed to stay unnoticed by the teachers and most of the students, but this is a  complete and utter disaster. That damn teacher could have picked anyone in this room but he had to pick Jaspar, the most famous boy in Saint Oswald's Academy. Just like everyone else, his family is rich. In his case they own all the Clark hospitals in the country, but he's also 99% perfect. He's a model student, getting straight As in all of his tests and the best marks for any sport he tries, but above that, he's ridiculously good looking. The thing is, nobody really knows much more about him apart from a couple of his best friends, which makes him mysterious in his own way; the perfect boyfriend for any girl but me. Just my luck! Shoving my face in a book, I pretended to read as he approached the desk.

'Hey there... Erinarna?' He said, sitting down and trying to look at my face. I pulled the book higher.

'It's Erin.'

'Nice name, Erin.'

'Sure,, thanks.'

'So... What do you look like behind that book?' Jaspar said, ripping the book out of my hands and placing it on the desk. Before he looked back up, I looked away so all he could see was my hair. 'You have nice long blonde hair, it's nice and silky...' he whispered, before picking up a bundle of hair and kissing it. Pulling my hair back of him, he made my glasses fall of my face, showing what I looked like directly. He looked... shocked. 

'No!' I said, way too loud. Picking my glasses up, I shoved then back on before looking back at Jaspar. Cheeks flushed, he looked, almost cute.

'Your pretty, you know.' he said, eyes falling down. I never thought he was a shy person. 'Why do you do that, I mean, hide how beautiful you are behind a pair of glasses and a book?' 

'Do I have to tell you?' 


'Will you leave me alone if I tell you?' 

'Sure thing gorgeous.'

'Shut up. I do this because I use to be like you, only I hated it. I never had time for myself and the only reason why boys liked me was because they thought I was 'hot' and never saw the real me. Once they did, I got dumped and cried for weeks. That's why I dress like this. Happy?' Frustrated, I began reading again. 

'Sorry.' he said. 'I had no idea.'

'Yeah, well nobody does at this school. Leave me alone now?'

'No way. I just found something exciting!' He chuckled, showing his best smile.

'Great.' I mumbled, half giggling myself.

'Your so kind.' 

'Shut it then.' 

'Why should I?'

'Because class is starting Mr Clark.' Mr Croft shouted from the front of the class. 

'Oops.' he whispered before we broke out into a silent laugh.

The End

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