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A New Normal Fan Fiction; Terri Sawyer Collins is a shy sixteen year old girl and the daughter of David and Bryan.

“Terri! Time To get up! Your breakfasts getting cold!” I heard Papa say, I sat up, my red hair all over my face, I got out of bed, I yawned and went downstairs, I saw my dad and papa kissing.

“I’m up.” I said, they pulled away and smiled, my Papa came over and hugged me.

“Morning Butterfly.” Papa said, I blushed at the embarrassing nickname.

“Papa!” I said blushing, “Now Bryan, Terri’s growing up to be a big girl, she doesn’t need her embarrassing nicknames anymore.” dad said, I smiled and giggled.

“I’m turning 16, not 18.” I said smiling, my papa flicked a strand of my hair out of my face.

“Your hair was beautiful before you put this mess in.” he pouted, I smiled.

“It’s called hair dye Papa.” I smiled.

“I know but I preferred your hair the way it was sweetie.” he said kissing my forehead, I looked at the time, it was 8:30.

"Crap, I'm gonna be late!" I said running back up the stairs, I stripped out of my pajamas as soon as I got to my room and I grabbed a quick shower, got out and got dressed in Kill Star Satanicat Vest Top, my Banned White Hand Shorts and my all black converse all stars, I did and hair, the night before I had put Crazy Colour Fire Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in it, I grabbed my Black Veil Brides Logo Messenger Bag and sunglasses I done my make up and I grabbed everything I needed and ran back downstairs, texting Evie in the process, I grabbed a slice of toast.

"I'll drive you to school." Papa said.

"Are you sure?" I don't want you to be late for work." I asked.

"Of course I'm sure sweetie now get to my car I'll be out in a minute." he said, I nodded and went to Papa's car, I plugged my headphones into my Ipod and put my headphones on and listened to 'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescence, Papa came out and unlocked the car door, I got in the passengers side, "Can

I drive?" I asked.

"Can you show me your permit?" he answered smiling, I looked down, they always get me at the permit.

"No." I said looking down.

"Don't worry sweetie, only a couple of weeks to go now." he said smiling, I smiled and nodded.

"I know." I said, I was turning 16 in two weeks and usually, they give me a big surprise party, I was gazing out the window as my papa drove while listening to 'Broken' by Seether and Amy Lee.

"Honey?" he asked, I jumped in my seat.

"Yeah?" I replied taking my headphones off.

"Is everything alright in school?" he asked being concerned, I wanted to tell him I was being bullied but didn't wanna worry him,

"Everythings fine." I smiled, he pulled up outside of school.

"Dad will pick you up after school OK?" he told me, I nodded and kissed his cheek.

"Ok, bye Papa." I said and got out of the car and ran into school. I got to Homeroom in the nick of time and I saw my best friend Evie and my boyfriend Rory.

"Hi Guys." I said sitting down.

"Hi, we were thinking you weren't gonna show, Lindsay and her cronies are here today." Evie said, I groaned.

"Have you told your dads?" Rory asked, I shook my head.

"What? Why?" she asked,

"This is the third school I've been to in less than a year and I actually like this school and I'm not gonna let some jumped up homophobic bitch scare me out!" I said.

"OK, OK, you made your point." Rory laughed, I punched his shoulder playfully and he pulled me down onto his lap and I kissed him.

"OK class settle down, I know it's Friday so there's no need to get excited." I heard my teacher Mr Wickers say, I smiled and went back to my own desk which was behind him but infront of Lindsay, which was hell.

~BRYAN'S POV~ I put my bluetooth earpiece in and dialed David's phone number.

"Hey Baby." he said.

"Hey, I talked to her." I said driving.

"And?" he asked, "Is she being bullied?"

"She spent the whole journey listening to her music and looking out the window." I told him, I heard David sigh.

"You tried your best baby, I'll talk to her tonight see if I can get anything out of her." he said.

"OK, I'll see you later." I told him pulling up into work.

"OK, bye." David said, I hung up, I was seriously worried about Terri, I looked at the photo in my wallet and smiled, it was from when she was born, she was so tiny, she made our family complete. RATE AND MESSAGE

The End

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