I enter the sitting room and stand before the fireplace, above which is a mirror. My face stares back at me. Leopard print dress. Hair like cats' tails, wet and frizzy. My breath, still heaving. I hear the rain outside, and relax. The fire warms my dripping-wet legs, and I think of him. Yes him, I think, noticing how my eyes squint in the mirror at the thought of it. My hands clench.

I shake my head, ring my hands out, and head upstairs, taking off my waterproof and slipping out of my dress as I go. In my bedroom, I towel dry myself and think over what has happened.

Calm washes over me. It's done, over, finally finished! I can't believe it. I stand and look at my naked body in the full length wardrobe mirror. Scrawny, for sure, but still desirable in its own way. Look at her, I think. She's smiling.

Then, the doorbell rings.

The End

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