End of the garden


The command shattered the air and barreled her eardrums.  Her instincts agreed…pausing only to blindly empty the dead woman’s pockets, she pushed herself to her feet, her legs screaming in protest as she stumbled in the opposite direction from which the woman came.  She was running away from someone.  Away…

 Trees ahead… Get out of the open!  Hide!  She limped through the dense green … don’t look back!.. Stopping only when she couldn’t continue, falling on the soft dirty moss behind a tree, her heart pounded as she became aware of a truth that demanded her attention…her mind was full of questions with no answers… what was happening?... was she running from me?...who killed her?...did I kill her?... why?...am I safe?...who am I?  The last question disturbed her the most but was not the most urgent.  Am I safe?

Dumping the contents of the dead woman’s pockets on the ground, she shifted the weapon to her left hand and sifted through the pile with her right …paper …there was a small folded paper.  After quickly scanning the area, she opened the simple white sheet, which had…no words…random letters and numbers came into focus…focus! Need a clue…somewhere to start.  N 42…small circle…means degrees…numbers then, and W 81 small circle again…coordinates!   Global Positioning System coordinates!  Have to find where it is…  She glanced around quickly again before starting to dig in the rest of her pockets and the pile on the ground.  Not here…no navigational system…I have to find one.  She got up, putting a few of the more useful items from the ground back in her pocket.  Keeping the gun and the paper, she started to run again, this time with a purpose in mind.

The End

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