Adrianne took a deep breath and sat up quickly. Ian gazed expectantly at her for some sort answer.

“The - the police found out that I was supplying you. Claudia – underneath our friend there – is the only reason I didn’t ‘mysteriously disappear’ tonight. We had to run and I didn’t know where else I could go.”

Her statement came as no surprise to me. I knew that, for about a year now, she had been aiding and abetting an anti-government organization. And while I was well aware of the legal consequences of her actions – and mine as well, since I was legally an accomplice, and so much the worse for my military experience – I couldn’t bring myself to betray her.

Ian, however, didn’t quite buy this.

“So she attacks my men to show her goodwill?”

“She didn’t know who you were or why we were in the woods. She doesn’t know anything other than that I’ve been sending contraband on to someone and that my political views are… forbidden.”

He studied the ground, considering her statement. Glancing over at me, he let out a sigh and ran his hand through his tangled brown hair.

“This decision isn’t for me to make. We’ll blindfold her and take her to see Joel. Frankie –“ he nodded at my captor “would you do the honours?”

Frankie put his knee firmly in my back, then pulled a greasy bandanna from his neck. Once this was over my eyes, he helped me up with surprising gentleness. Without my vision, I was unsteady on my feet, but he guided me well as we started on our way further into the forest.

The End

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