Impending milestone - my fortieth

Sarah is turning 40 in a couple of days and she is not sure if she is quite ready to turn 4o yet. So many things not yet done, places not seen, dreams not lived! Hell - she didn't even know any more what her dreams were! Panic mode was setting in. She had to do something if she was to avoid being utterly depressed on this great milestone of her life!

Damn! Not today - those pants didn't need to feel quite so tight, not today of all the days! Not this cold, dreary monday, when the kids were at their crankiest, she felt her lousiest after a bit too much dessert and wine last night, and the usual monday morning  "check-in-or-whatever-her-boss-chose-to-call-that-dreary-meeting-of-hers" was looming.

"Why can't we have the damn meeting on a tuesday, or, better still, on a wednesday, when we have all woken up", I muttered to myself as I pulled off the offending pants and threw them on the bed.

My comfort pants - my comfort pants - - - where were my comfort pants? The default ones that usually worked when I was in this kind of mood? My faithful pin-stripe pants that made me feel svelte when I needed to feel svelte? Never mind that they were beginning to feel a bit frayed around the edges.

Before I even looked - I knew it! They were in the washing basket. Of course - I had worn them on friday - for the Audit Committee Meeting. They always worked for the Audit Committee meeting - especially with the sheer velvet grey shirt that had a nice little bow at the front. Only now I needed them for today's "sign-in-or-whatever-my-boss-chose-to-call-it-first-thing-on-monday-morning-meeting - - - - ".

Sigh! It would have to be the little black dress then. That always worked - with a fitted jacket - when all else had failed. Only that was in the washing basket as well - - - -

Sigh again! This wasn't the way my birthday week was supposed to begin!

The End

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