Failure Panel No.1

2:55 A.M, Solara Holotrium, New York

The Scene Around me changed again. The zillion human beings that continued in all directions seemed to have vaporized. Darkness surrounded me again.

Suddenly a voracious groan took hold of the air, as I felt something fall behind me. I turned back, just in time to see one big piece of sky fall to the ground and shatter in a million pieces.

A Piece of sky?

What was going on? In the piece's place was a flaming red cloud exerting beams that travelled at the speed of light, whizzing around random objects and zapping them.

Zapping Them?

Suddenly a beefy man ran ahead with another remote in his hand, waving it at the beams, terminating them.

Terminating Them?

However, one of the orange beams caught up with the beefy man, shrinking him.

Shrinking Him?

In front of me, I saw the man shrinking to his knees. and then his ankels...... that's when I realized that the man was de-ageing, not shrinking.


And that was when two gates from opposite sides crashed closed and the orange beams hit them vanished.


And darkness enclosed me again.

The End

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