Solara's Mistake

2:50 A.M, Solara Holotrium, New York

Ben looked around but all his eyes could find was darkness. Suddenly a shatter of applause filled the air. The darkness around him revelaed shapes of millions of humans, all cheering and shouting. The crowd was so huge it seemed to continue in all directions endlessly. Ben stood in the middle wondering if someone had mixed something in one his beers or drinks he had consumed a couple of hours ago.

 Thats when an image appeared in the middle of the air, levititating as if it had turbo-jets powering it. However it seemed to float without any  source of power. The image was a square, which soon transformed to a tall human, clad in a black coat and pant, holding a staff in his hand  and a circular remote in his other hand. He was smiling broadly, with clear white teeth showing.

The crowd went nuts, cheering, clapping, jumping up and down all together. It seemed that humans had become even better at multitasking.

The floating figure raised his staff high and the crowd became silent, as if each one of them were dumb. The figure then looked  around, and started his speech.

"Earthlings! Its time! Its time to extend our lifetime for another million years!" Announced the Figure.

The crowd contained their emotions by applauding rather than acting like their trillion old ancestors, Homo Erectus.

"This remote!" screamt the figure holding the remote high "This remote is the key for mankind's future. Should I press the button?"

"YEAHHHHHHH!" About a zillion humans screamed.

"So be it". And with those three words, the figure pressed the button, which would decide the ultimate fate of humans.

The End

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