The Anti-Time Experiment

3:00 A.M,4000 A.D, Solara Chambers, New York

Where was Ben? Some theme-park ride? Or had the hangover really got him?

From what he had been told, Ben was in 4000 A.D, 2000 years in the future. Of-course Ben refused to believe this. 2000 years in the future?

Where were the flying cars? Where were the underwater civilizations? Where were the two-headed aliens?

The future seemed very different from the way it was portrayed in movies and books.


That's when a door opened, And Ben Cole's life changed forever.




2:45 A.M, Solara TimeArch, New York

Welcome to 4000 A.D

Ben looked around. In-front of him was a sky-scraper. He stared at the building as it climbed into sky, until his eyes wouldn't see . The building just went on and on into.... into blackness. This was weird. Ben looked up and just saw a black sky.


If it was night-time then where were the stars? Where was the moon? The sky just seemed to be black.

Ben, for the first time took notice of his surroundings.


He was in the middle of a pathway. On his right was a wide road covered in fungi and grass. It looked as if it had been unused for a century or so.


On his right stood a magnificent arch. An arch? In 4000 A.D? You gotta be kidding. And it wasn't just any arch! It was like the ones they found in the ruins of Indus Valley. This was getting weirder second by second.


That's when the same technical voice startled Ben.


Please proceed to towards the Building and do not go anywhere near the TimeArch said the Voice


Ben curiously followed the instructions and found himself treading towards the skyscraper. As Ben got closer, he noticed another weird thing.


The building had no windows! As far Ben could see it didn't even have a door!


Ben walked up to the skyscraper. Then he noticed a rectangular outline, about as small a trapdoor, but just big enough to fit a average-sized human.


He was just about to push it, when it swung open, revealing a huge room, painted shining white, yes, Shining white. The room literally was glittering.

Ben, with a confused look, entered the Building.




Everything went black.

Somewhere a distant voice screamed:

"The Anti-time experiment has begun!"

The End

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