The Clock Cube

Ben was in a trance. His right hand clutching the pad tightly, and his left hand resting on the sofa. His eyes staring into the nothingness of the TV screen. Suddenly a cat shrieked somewhere, a car alarm went off and Ben was throttled out of his trance into the real world and the capsule on his lap banged the floor with a loud muffled thud.

Ben looked around. And then everything came flooding back to him.

He picked up capsule and observed it, until he came upon a broken piece of a spike which the capsule were was covered with. 

The broken piece flew and landed on the ground soundlessly. In utter surprise Ben again lost the grip of the capsule, which again fell and this time breaking a dozen more spikes.

The Broken spikes all flew together and joined mechanically to the one the table in a square shape.

Ben picked up the cube and dropped it again, and watched the broken spikes fly over and join with other ones on the ground.

Soon all the spikes were unscrewed and in front of Ben resembled the most perfect cube, he had ever seen.

Ben, with all his courage piling over him, went over to the cube and touched it.


The cube turned itslef in to a collage of colours, then suddenly as if someone had turned the switch off, it became normal.

Then a ray of light pierced from the cube, soon, the entire living room was covered in disco lights.

Then out of nowhere a Huge face of clock appeared in front of Ben.

The weird part was that the clock showed years like 2000, 3000, 4000 rather than time. The clock currently showed 2000.

Ben stared at the clock as its hand made way to 4000 ticking slowly.

Ben looked around. His entire Living hall was changing. Fast. As the clock made it's way across to 3000, his house roof vanished and he was standing in the rain, the scene changed as machines started building and constructing and soon Ben found himself staring at a tall skyscraper. Belive it or not, but the clock's hand signified the year Ben was travelling in! He couldn't belive it


The clocks hand showed 4000.

And what his house once used to be was now the Universe's tallest building.

Welcome to 4000 A.D muttered a techincal voice.


The End

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