The Solara Head-Quarters

30 th January, 4000 A.D, Solara Skywalk

Voltago found himself being pulled along a angry crowd.

The Solara broadcast had shocked the people. It wasn't a total surprise because when the population discovered the failure of the experiment, they had been expecting something small like destruction of panels or the break-down of Solara. But After hearing the broadcast, the people were furious!

There had been no previous warnings or threats such as this big! Because of Solara's experiment the entire universe was on the verge of collasping. And the worst part was that they had to call help from the past! Everyone knew how dangerous it was for there ancestors to discover there future. It was a risk which could be the cause of the entire universe, but if that was one way to save the universe from collasping, then be it.

Voltago found himself staring the Captain  of Solara, with a angry mob that wanted answers. Practically speaking Voltago was pretty sure that there was a very little chance that the universe could be revived

"As well have been told, this can be the very end the universe.It is our fault, mankind's fault for being so greedy and inhuman. We have learned our lesson, leave nature as it is, because the consequences can be un-bearable", Said the captain proudly.

"However, we won't let a mere failure , end the universe. After all we are humans, the most evolved beings of all. Thus, we should now find a way to betray nature and re-establish the universe" finished the captain

"There is, somehow, only one solution to end this crisis which we began. Call help from the past. This can easily be done with time beams as they are now travelling backwards. We only have to deposit a Time capsule containing information and a clock cube, in the time beams. The time beams will then deposit the capsules at various time periods.Some end up with cavemen or some may end up with our great-grand fathers. So we can call for help from our ancestors, who can help us re-contruct the universe along with the universe for a better and brighter future" said the captain and descended on his chair.

"Now, all around the earth, in Solara Headquarters, the population is making time capsules. We all should get started too. Our guide Miss YenZen will be pleased to assist you. Thank you for your Attention."

 The room was filled with excitement and murmurs as there was now a chance to get the things normal back again.

Voltago grabbed a piece of pad and started writing:

Whatever we thought of the universe around us is gone. The Universe is destroyed and so are all the other galaxies...........



The End

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