Solara's Panels

29 January , 4000 A.D, Solara Panels, New  York

"Mankind" Boomed the voice. "As I say this, we are on the verge of destruction"

Voltago Zender looked up from his work. He wasn't suprised.

"As we are well informed, that the Solara Panel No.1 was destroyed while performing the Anti-time experiment. Of-course because of this mis-event our experiment failed. With the failure of the experiment, the time beams surrounding the earth are reversed. Now time is travelling at an inpeccable speed, but the problem is, that it is moving backwards, not forwards. Yes the time beams are travelling backwards and if it wasn't for the Panels, we would no longer have existed. The panels are preventing the time beams to interfere with earth, but they can now only hold on for a couple of more days. That means in the next few days time will reverse itself, which will of-course affect us. We will start growing younger until we are adolscents, then we will become an children, then babies then......this chain will continue forever, if unstopped, then there will be a time when the Big-bang will be reversed, thus, wiping out any life-form in the universe. There can only be one thing done to prevent total wipeout of humanity. Call help from the past. The Solara goverment has a plan. All population is requested to report to the nearest Solara head-quarters as soon as possible. Till then Good-bye."

And a collage of screams erupted from the earth.



The End

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