When a boy's journal somehow makes it's way back to the past, the future of earth rests in the Present Day.
From 2000 AD to 4000 AD, humans have 2000 years to find a solution of a problem that can ruin the entire universe. The question is , is the time enough?

Whatever we thought of the universe around us is gone. The Universe is destroyed and so are all the other galaxies. Milky-way is at the edge of destruction. Earth will not make it. It can happen anytime now.

If you are reading this, it means that today is your last day. Tomorrow the universe will fade away into blackness and it will become the universe before the Big Bang. Time will reverse. Earth will be no more. And there is a fat chance that the Big Bang doesn't take place.

Who is to blame for this crisis? Why is it happening? Who did it?

7 alphabets hold the blame.


If we have anyone to blame it is us. We caused it all. In a experiment to extend our lifetime we have surpressed it to 24 hours or less.

If you are reading this, it means there is a hope. A tiny ray of light which maybe they key for survival. Survival for our children and grandchildren. But who will be brave enough? Who will be brave enough to come here and witness the mass-destruction of universe.

The answer is someone has to, or there is no escape.

Over and out.


The End

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