Pandora's Locket

What if everything you knew was a lie? Everything from your head to your toe?
If you found out your reality was just a simple world in a dream...

Pandora stared at out the window, his eyes blank and unseeing. The world rushed past the car, or rather the car rushed past the world, and he took it all in, but at the same time, he didn't.

The loud pulse of the baseline in the song his sister was listening to were a mere buzz compared to the racket that was rebounding of the insides of Pandora's skull. Because, if everything were truthful and honest, Pandora wasn't exactly normal compared to the rest of his family...

Pandora had a secret which he would keep even if his life were at stake. Pandora can see into people's dreams, their wishes, their every though in their subconscious minds. He didn't a specific reason for his power, as far as he knew, and had just accepted it into part of his life. 

'Were nearly there,' his father muttered, wiping sweat off his forehead. The interior of his fathers car was much alike to a sauna at that moment, the sun was magnified through the windows and soaked into the sticky, leather seats like water to cotton.

'Good, it's too hot!' His younger sister, Lily, moaned in complaint, 'it's just too hot, ain't it, Dora?'

'Don't call me Dora.' Pandora said in a flat voice before turning back to his dad, 'why do we have to move in with this new women of yours anyway? Why couldn't she have come to us?'

'Now listen here, Dora--'

'Pandora!' He cut in.

His father shot him a look, 'Pandora, we are moving because... because we need a fresh start, away from your mother...'

'That women is not my mother and never will be.' Pandora grunted, 'trying to do things she can't stupid bi--'

'Don't.' His father said in a sharp tone, Lily sank into her seek, mouthing "awkward" to Pandora as she did so. Pandora shrugged and turned back towards the window.

Fresh start? Don't make me laugh! This isn't a TV show, this is real life and were bust, motherless and agitated, Pandora thought angrily in his head. For as long as he could remember his mother had been cruel, beating Lily and he until they felt numb, spitting out vulgar words at her husband.

It was a good job his father had finally gotten rid of her, and Pandora was glad they were moving away from that town, from that home full of depressing memories. But he had the strangest feeling that this new women was going to be the same as their mother.

Pandora sighed and bumped his head onto the window. Hoping he would go to sleep, have peaceful dreams, and then, when he woke up, it would all be a dream and their mother would be kind and sweet like she never was...

The End

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