Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7

Dawn sighed as she silently leapt from the rooftop the only sound to break the silence was the echoing beating of heavy wings as they accompanied her on her decent to the ground. The wind forcefully combed her wild hair back allowing small strands to dance within its hold in a ballad of red. She flipped into a land making a small splash as she did so; the cold wetness that filled her shoe told her that she was less than graceful with her landing.

“I was doing fine,” She snarled pulling the mask from her face allowing the wind to kiss her pale cheeks.

“Looked that way.” The wing’s host spoke, it echoed off the dingy alleyway walls which peelings of posters still had stuck to their sun bleached skin.

Dawn huffed and leant against the wall, she was in a foul mood. The rune embedded in her palm pulsed lowly against her skin.

“I mean sure you dodged his lightning once but barley.” The voice spoke again coming closer to her, the huge black wings that had been gliding effortlessly behind her as she fell tucked neatly against his form, long dark hair hung low around his face shadowing it in an almost eerie darkness that made his visible features warp into something unhuman.

“If you hadn’t of interrupted I would of got the damn key.” She growled in annoyance pushing a strand of hair which had fallen from its pushed back position from her eyes.

“True but what did you learn from him?” his smirk was visible in the grey light of the ally; it took up the majority of his lower face closely resembling the Cheshire cat.

“I learnt enough…” She frowned turning away from him “I have a feeling he’s going to be an interesting challenge for me.”

The man was quiet for the moment so quiet Dawn did not notice the attack until it hit her slamming her small frame into the wall behind her. Small crumbles of brick fell wounded against her shoulders. Her back screamed at her in pain as she pulled herself out of the small whole her body made, a fine line of black blood leaked from her forehead and rolled briskfully down the slope of her nose leaving a noir stain In its path. She winced with pain before casting her glare upon her master. His hand tight around her throat yet not tight enough to harm her. How she hated him.

“Did I give the order to attack him?” He questioned moving his head close towards hers, she felt her fangs press against her gums and her eyes flicker dangerously to that of a wolf’s.

Calm yourself a soothing female voice spoke softly in her mind.

You could always kill him though the arrogant twat! Another growled.

Dawn shook her head and stared up into the pools of darkness that he called eyes, they held no emotion only cold death that chilled her down to the bone.

“You wanted the key,” She spat, “I saw an opportunity and I took it.”

He chuckled lowly and tightened his grip on her.

“So disobedient like an untrained dog.”

He was pushing on her throat and blocking her airflow, small blotches of black danced in the edge of her vison, desperately she grabbed at his powerful arm to try and wrench it from her from. He laughed at her hopeless from which seemed to snap something within dawn.  Using the last of her strength, she called upon her demon side asking for its power.

It gave it her willingly.

Calmly she tipped her head forward in a cocky manor and looked up at the man with shadowed emerald eyes, a small chuckle left her black lips.

“Oh dear Sebastian, I believe you forgot the most important fact about wolves” Her words were strained and dry they scrapped the back of her throat as they left her mouth yet they added to the intimidating performance she displayed.

“We work as a pack. Release!” she called to her blades and they responded with a blinding silver light which made his hold loosen around her throat allowing her to gulp up rain kissed air. Shadows sprung from the light and attached themselves to his form ripping it away from her quicker than she was able to process. Low growls erupted from the shadows as the light died from them leaving two large wolves standing it their place.

“How the tables turn.” She grinned rubbing her aching neck and moving from the wall, she pulled a small iron blade from the sheath attached to her inner thigh and crouched down at the pinned form.

“I told you many times, the more you wound me, the closer I get to ending you.” She spoke calmly pointing the blade at his throat.

Silence once again returned, with closer inspection of the from she found it to be nothing more than straw in black rags. Her body turned ridged and her senses kicked into overdrive.

“That bastard where is he.” Aries growled pulling away from the form and tilting his head into the air to look for his scent, his coal fur dancing softly against the wind.

“Calm.” Dawn spoke sternly looking around the ally.

“I must admit Dawn,” Sebastian chuckled lowly “you certainly get an A star for effort you almost got me this time, but unfortunately,” His voice zoned in next to her ear and a cold talloned hand brushed against her exposed neck causing her hairs to stand on end.  Aries let out a warning growl, his fur risen prompting Octavia to pull from the body and turn to them as well, her light blue eyes watching carefully.

Stay, Dawn instructed with her eyes.

“I hold the key to your freedom,” His breath was icy and full of humour as if to mock her as it danced its way along her lobe, “What I say, is what you do now call them off.”

Dawn closed her eyes and blocked out the overwhelming feeling of submission that bit at her very existence, his ever present scent of his metallic power filled her nose with an almost bloodlike smell. She turned her mind the very real blade still in her hand. To her the iron of the knife did nothing, but for those with greater demon blood iron burned them to the bone.

A smirk played on her painted lips; she tilted her head slowly to cast her glare at the figure. She gripped the blade tighter before plunging it into his stomach. Before he could react, she pulled herself away from his hold and turned to face him, her eyes glowing slightly and her body set in an attack stance, too long had she been bossed around.

Sebastian fell into a heap clutching his stomach, a caw of pain tore from his throat in a way that sounded worse that any animal she had ever come across. A tarn of think darkness spilled from his form and mixed with the wetness of the concrete bellow as he pulled the blade from his flesh.

“I suggest you treat me with respect if you want me to continue being your beta,” She spoke softly “I may not be able to kill you, but the contract never said anything about wounding you.” she held her hand out and summoned her wolves to her side.

“Mortality has weakened you and if you don’t let me do my job and get the key you will soon find yourself killed by a demon weaker than I.” And with that she promptly turned and strode away.

A chuckle resonated from the ground and struck her worse than any sword.

“So much like that brother of yours, he thought he could push the limits and we all know what happened to him.”

Dawn closed her eyes and placed her hand on her wolf’s soft fur allowing them to guide her from the ally.

“I wouldn’t do that little wolf girl,” he grinned from the shadows causing her to pause her movement. “As I said before I hold the key to your freedom, you run now and you will never escape.”

Dawns growled lowly and forced herself to move away.

“I will drop by later.”

And with that she left and did not look back.


The first thing he took in as his eyes opened was the sheer whiteness of the room, so white that it burned his eyes to look at it and kicked off his pounding headache. He contemplated whether or not he was dead but chose the latter as a begin such as he would never be allowed entrance into the realm of the angels no matter how good he was in his mortal life. The scent of jasmine was heavy in this strange place, it reminded him of his home back in Edinburgh where the dainty white flowers grew in neat bundles in the makeshift greenhouse he kept in his botanical garden, he always enjoyed their sweet yet subtle scent as he walked through the door.

Focusing his eyes, he noticed he was in a rather grand room with high white walls that shone brightly in the early morning sunlight that streamed through the long glass windows to the left of him. One was perched open allowing a cold wind to creep steadily into the room and brush against his flush cheeks. The bed in which he lay was overly comfortable like the chairs from the lobby of the hotel it devoured his body and trapped him within its maul. The fresh white linin that the bed possessed wrapped tightly round his form like a constrictor slowly suffocating its prey.

Hawk decided that he very much did not like being trapped and tried to pull himself from the tightening bedsheet.

“James, James calm down.” Alex’s calm voice drifted to his ears as he struggled.

“What is this? Why does everything feel the need to try and eat me?” He grumbled in annoyance kicking the sheet from his body and realising in horror that he was stripped down to his boxers, he glanced at his friend. “I know you’re away from your woman but that doesn’t mean you can undress me.”

 Alex flushed before speaking, “you were soaked and would of gotten a chill deal with it, now I have a bone to pick with you James Christen Carter.” Hawk stiffened at the sound of his real name and glared at Alex. He looked angry, so much so the tips of his ears turned a brilliant shade of pink and the normally light blue eyes had turned into stormy sockets of cobalt.

“Was I drugged again? Because if so I di-“ The sound of flesh slapping flesh rang out in the room followed by an annoying sting which prickled it way up Hawks jawline like little ants slowly nipping at his skin.  He looked at Alex bewildered.

“Before you open your mouth you deserved that, I left you alone for two minutes James two minutes and what do you go and do? You end up fighting a crazed fire spewing woman and made friends with a human…thing who had coils for legs not to mention you used so much of your power you burnt yourself out and left yourself vunerable!” He shouted at the detective, a small vein seemed to pop out of its place and strain angrily against the tanned skin of his neck. “I was worried when I came out and saw you pass out, I thought she had hit you and you were dying, the bond went quiet.” He sighed and pushed some of hawk’s hair out from his dull gold eyes, “please James, don’t do something like that again at least tell me first okay.”

Hawk looked away from his concerned friend and allowed the gentle stroke of Alex’s fingers to relax his aching mind. He had not expected to run into the lone wolf nor find out so much of the keys history however, he knew he could not agree to Alex’s terms he would miss so much if he sat back and allowed the world to pass him lazily so instead he offered a small smile before moving his head away.

“Thank you,” He said in a whisper, “for looking out for me.”

Alex’s expression softened as he leaned back on his hutches.

“My, you two are like an old married couple.” A soft silk like voice spoke at the other side of the bed.

Hawk turned his head and looked at the half human who leant carefully on the edge of the bed, her mossy coloured scales hidden by the oversized shirt she was wearing; it had small images of rabid looking rabbits on it.

“What are you doing here?” He questioned rubbing his aching brow the lightning was far too bright and the glistening glare from the chandelier that hung overhead did help  ease his mind especially since now all it wanted to do was take in the small drops of multicolour which dripped hopelessly from its crystals and panted the walls with technicolour. He decided that if his head wasn’t pounding so much he would find beautiful almost enough to reach out and run his fingers along it to take it is beauty for a brief second like touching small pieces of starlight.  

“I told you Hawk I wanted to make a deal with you and since you still have the fragment we can pretty much agree on the terms.” Her black tongue darted out of her mouth, it fascinated hawk, demons like this never got this close to him well this close without trying to kill him.

“wait a second.” Alex piped up crossing his arms across his chest, anger still bloomed around his form and Hawk couldn’t help but make the comparison the Alex’s mother whenever she popped round and saw their apartment was a mess, same stance and same angered expression.

“What deal is this and why don’t I know about it?”

Eliza made a sound of annoyance; it gracefully left her lips along with a small hiss.

“I suppose I should inform you both on what exactly I’m here for; I didn’t have a lot of time to explain myself earlier.”

Hawk leant back against the pillows and watched the red satin curtains dance casually with the small breeze that licked at its flesh.

“I’m assuming your organisation brought you back here to help with the demonic activity which has bloomed in recent years?” Eliza questioned leaning on her fist in a curious manner, Hawk offered a small glance and took in the way her hair fell against her arm in a river of golden brown like the streams of a forest in autumn he particularly liked the way the sun enhanced the stands of blonde which weaved within the mild locks.

“You would be correct.” He spoke softly, hints of the memory he experienced earlier leaked into his mind; they desperately tried to make themselves none within the vast chaos of hawks brain.

“Then you will also be investigating the key no doubt,” she looked at the fragment that hung from his neck “That’s what I’m here for, to guide you in your search sweet one”

Hawk softly touched the fragment’s glowing form almost scared that it would trigger the memory again however, this time it only offered a small familiar feeling to pulse softly through his veins as if the light was seeping into his body.

“Why did it trigger that vision? It was unlike any I’ve experienced before.” The detective spoke, his golden eyes moving from the shards to fix on her black yet noticeably warm ones.

“Because my dear your father was no fool, when he died he took your memory of himself and the key and sealed it within the shards before scattering them around the city, they wait for you to retrieve them as you’re the custos, the one true guardian of the key.” She smiled fondly at him, “the remaining shards are protected for now with half demons who can protect them.”

Hawk watched the chandelier as it softly swayed in the breeze, the diamonds that hung from it still casted their starlight.

“So what James is a guardian to some bloody demon key?” Alex questioned running a hand through his sandy hair.

“That’s what I’ve just said human,” She hissed lowly “And the key is not demonic by nature, it was created by calamity gods as an offering to the humans.”


Hawk tilted his head back bordly, “the demonic outbreak, is it down to the key?”

Eliza was silent for a moment, the gentle winter wind softly caressed her hair making it seem alive, it was a long tense minuet before she finally began to talk again.

“Agree to the terms and sign my contract then I will inform you.”

“Okay, what are your terms?” He questioned, his headache still booming at the back of his mind.

She smiled at him and shifted her body into an upright position before she pulled herself away from the bed; the sound of her scales rubbing against one another was the only sound that was heard.

“I can’t explain here,” She glanced worriedly at the window, “ I saved my number into your phone, I will be in touch, till then I must lay low the wolf got too close for comfort earlier and now she has your scent I can’t be around you too long.” A purple light appeared behind her like the rippling surface of a lake. “Till I return I suggest you check out the list of jobs I left on your phone too, us demons who still believe in humanity would prefer it if someone would begin to fight back,” She spoke stepping into the purple light, “I will be in touch.” And with that she disappeared into the colour before that too vanished leaving only a small drop of purple in its place.

The golden-eyed detective looked at it for a small moment, he watched as it clung to the brown laminated floor.

“So Allie,” He smirked childishly turning back to the younger, “when is it the organisation wants to meet us?”

Alex watched him cautiously not liking the tone of voice he had put on.

“Uh twelve… why?”

Hawks grin could not have grown any larger; the headache had been pushed to the back of his mind as the wild curiosity for a case took over.

“And judging by the light, coolness of air and the faint smell of bacon I’d say it’s around seven am.” He smirked.

Alex glanced at his watch.

“Bloody smartarse now get to the point”

“Well if what Eliza says is true then I have some work to be done and you know how much I hate not having anything to do,” he pulled himself up into a sitting position, his legs crossed and hands barely able to keep still. “Plus I’m at full power.”

Alex tried to remain serious and insist his friend rest for today however, the look on the elders face told him he would be able to stay in bed any longer than he had been. He sighed and rubbed his hand down his face before nodding.

“Fine but we can’t be late for the meeting you and I both know how they get if we are late.”

Hawk grinned and sprung from the bed ignoring the dizzy feeling his body through at him.

“Let us go.”

Alex chuckled lowly as his friend dashed around the room completely oblivious to the fact he was only in his underwear.

“James…” he started however, the elder seemed more interested in the list on his phone to listen to him.

“James.” He started again and was met with no reply.

Sighing in annoyance he picked up hawks wet t-shirt from last night and hurled it at him. The tee hit hawk with a damp thud and slid slowly from his face. Blue sparks rippled at the contact point as it fell in a heap on the ground.

Hawks eyes slowly moved from the clothing on the ground to the Youngers face, confusion flashed in his critical gaze as he locked eyes with the blond.

Alex rolled his eyes before speaking.

“Put some clothes on first, you can’t go out in public in only your boxers it’s very unsavoury you bloody idiot.”

Hawk huffed in annoyance and watched as the younger detective moved over to the suitcases that were neatly leant against the pale wall, it was curious as to how they got up there but He chose to ignore the question his mind was pulling up.

“it’s a waste of time getting dressed.” Hawk spoke moving over to the window, the morning sun bleaching his pale skin in a warm gold, the scars which coated his body in dark patterns stood out against the sunlight as if they were reaching out to touch its warmth in the bleakness of winter.

“It is not a waste of time James now get dressed so we can go out.” Alex spoke pulling him out of the thoughts he had allowed himself to be dragged into.

Sighing in annoyance hawk strode over to where Alex sat with the suitcases and begun to pick out suitable attire for demon hunting.

“My phone,” Hawk spoke pulling his laptop out and carefully setting it on the cushioned bed “Please read out the list of cases on my phone so that I find one I’m interested in.”

“I’m not your slave.” Alex spoke but got the phone anyway

“I know but you told me to get dressed and that is what I’m doing,” Hawk shrugged innocently and pulled a black t-shirt over his head messing up the already tangled curls that sat in a halo upon his head.

“A woman in black, it says here that a suspicious woman has been wondering round some of the worse off homes and scaring the kids...” Alex read with ease, a slight accent rolled with each word like a soft purr of a cat.

Hawk was barely listening as he tugged on black ripped jeans that had silver chains hanging from the belt loops for his weapons.

“Sounds boring and not enough to entertain me.” 

“Hmm,” Alex flicked the through the list “What about this one? Black hounds and dark birds, a family are being plagued by an assortment of dark coloured birds like ravens and there has been sightings of black dogs which lurk in the shadow of night that one sounds good.”

“No, they must be on a spirit line where demonic activity peaks the birds and the hound are mere glamour’s for the demons that resign in that area its nothing we need to waste our time on. No find me something good something actually interesting which I can work out fast.” Hawk smoothing back his curled locks in an attempt to calm their wildness but to no end as small teased ringlets sprung from their smoothed down position.

“The ghost who watches me sleep,” Alex started drawing Hawks attention, it had been a while since he dealt with ghosts, this would be a refreshing task for him if the casefile wasn’t boring enough to put him to sleep. “It’s wrote by a ten year old who claims a spirit sits on the edge of her bed at night and watches her sleep, sometimes she can feel it running its cold hands though hair and sometimes it tries to hurt her.” 

Hawk grinned and pulled on his dark military jacket, a child who could see ghosts and a ghost who did not act like a ghost, he was practically buzzing with excitement a proper case for him to sink his teeth into. The lightning that had been humming softly under his skin pushed through his veins and threatened to leak from his body; it was a feeling of complete curiosity in which only Hawk could feel.

“Come now Allie!” Hawk chirped and practically dashed to the door whist still pulling on his socks “we have work to do.”

Before Alex could, reply hawk was out the door and rushing down the snowy white stairs. 

The End

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