Chapter 6Mature

Chapter 6 shining banisters

Hawk groaned as he stumbled through the automatic doors of the extremely fancy looking hotel, his head spun and the images of the too nicely dressed demons posing as humans blurred into one. He attempted to pull himself away from the form that had supported him however; any movement he made on his own resulted in him almost falling into the rather inviting red carpet. Though the buzzing bond that seemed louder than ever Alex’s amusement bloomed causing the drunk looking detective to frown, well at least he though he frowned.

“Don’t worry my friend,” Alex chuckled softly, his voice too high pitched for Hawks sensitive ears. “The effects should wear off soon.”

Hawk rolled his eyes and attempted to read the room. Behind him, an exit where he did not fail to notice the dark shadow as it passed easily through the doors. To the right of him, bar a few meters a cream coloured door with a bright neon green sign above it, a fire exit. To the left was a seating area with comfortable looking black fabric chairs, the type that would shallow you if you sat in them too hard. Hawk noted an incredibly warm looking corner where a singular chair sat looking out at the view from the spotless window, it looked inviting with the gentle flicker of gold which danced softly on the dark fabric emitted from the old style fire place that rested nearby. He couldn’t help but think that that spot in particular would be the perfect place to curl up and get lost in the wonders of literature for a few hours. It was not bad to say this was only the lobby.

As they continued to move forward, Hawk took note of the rather badly glamoured demons who greeted the unsuspecting humans as they walked through to the main room. He tried to focus his eyes to stop the demons from multiplying but it was to no end.

Alex checked them in speaking in a disgustingly nice mundane voice that almost made Hawk cringe. He glanced at the said blond, he was smiling and nothing about his expression indicated he knew they were demons, typical. Alex was an efficient partner and extremely skilled with weapon creation however, he lacked the deduction element of begin a detective such as seeing through glamour’s. The demon disguised as a woman was a normal looking thing quite boring as far as demons go the only difference was her large dark black eyes with the red rings around them and the slightly bulgy mouth which contains rows of sharp fangs, a penanggalan demon. Interesting.

Next to her stood a male demon with shocking green leathery looking scales that had shades of yellow entwined with them, if he was not so vial looking Hawk would complement of how well the contrast between the two colours went.

“Hawk stop staring, we are holding up the line.” Alex spoke softly pulling the detective out of his thoughts.

“There…” He tested the words on his slightly slack lips before continuing, “There are t-three…no f four d-demons here…”

Alex looked at him sceptically for a moment; Hawk sighed and wished he had enough strength to pinch the bridge of his nose.

“y-your insolence is g-giving me a headache, Just s-stay on your g-guard o-one of them is s-shadowing us.” He glanced back at the entrance where he last saw the shadow.

Alex nodded and shifted his hold on the elder so he could react to a sudden attack. Hawk could feel the lean muscle under the blonds clothing move as his body got into a protective position, it was quite flattering to think someone cared enough to offer protection even if he didn’t really need it.

“Come on let’s get you sat down, it won’t be long till you can move around properly again.” Alex smiled at him before steering him over to one of the human eating chairs. It creaked as Hawk flopped into it, he felt the empty void between the cushion and the frame begin to move and he landed.

“Now stay I’m going to get you a drink.” Alex commanded walking away from the elder who was trapped between an extremely comfortable cushion and a not so comfortable frame; he could feel his energy slowly coming back however at that moment he felt as if his body was made out of led. He blew a small curl from his eyes and continued his surveillance of the room. In front of him stood a oak wood bar that was trimmed nicely with gold cast iron ivy leaves which twisted tightly around the serving section, the wood was polished and had a sort of new look too it. Behind the serving section stood a large variety of drinks some not even found in England, they were elegantly set so the display showed off just how much money the hotel had, it reminded Hawk of how his mother and sister flaunted their wealth.

His eyes settled on the blond chatting normally with the penguin coloured bar tender, he wondered just what it would be like to be that normal, to fit in like an ordinary member of society and not have to contain the knowledge of a thousand men inside of one brain. Not that Hawk was complaining, he loved to be the smartest one in the room, to outwit a seemingly cleaver man was one of his favourite pass times. He had always been like that even from his early days at the academy at aged thirteen the age where his all so wonderful power manifested. He thought back to the very first day when he outsmarted the form tutor on his knowledge of demonology. He never understood why the Angel blessed were taught such rubbish when it clearly did not help them in anyway.

Something moved from the corner of his eye, it was like a shadow slowly making itself up the staircase which he presumed lead to the first floor. Curiosity was a bad thing; Hawk could not help but pull himself up from his sunken position and seek out the shadow that so desperately wanted his attention. He wobbled a bit as he stood but the haze that had covered his eyes previously had disappeared leaving him with a clear view of the offending staircase.

As he moved over to the stairs he took in the décor of the hotel, he had to hand it to the organisation; they did know how to treat their workers.  The walls holding the marvel of a hotel up were painted a rather warm cream that added to the homely effect the hotel was trying to show. Hung on said walls were black candleholders, they stood proudly against the walls casting an eerie shadow from beneath them that resembled the outstretched claw of a demon. A golden flicker licked up the wall from the spiked head of the holder however, on closer inspection Hawk found there to be no source of the strange glow.

Curious, Hawk thought to himself.

Moving ever so closer to the stairs Hawk glanced up at the domed roof; it was painted with royal colours and from its beams hung several glistening chandeliers.  What stood out the most to Hawk was the imagery that decorated the originally white canvas ceiling; demons of all shapes and sizes painted in renaissance style as if to mock the angels, Hawk chuckled at the image of a particularly plump Aswang demon feasting upon a human child. To anyone without keen sight the image would appear to them as cherubs carrying new borns to their overly pretty mothers. The organisation really did have a sense of humour to place a demon hunter inside a nest of demons.

The stairs loomed in front of him daring him to place a foot on their ivory steps; the red carpet from the entrance ran up the middle of them creating an effect that Hawk could only describe as blood on snow. The steps looked too delicate to step on, as if only the worthy was allowed to ascend to the next level. Hawk took a deep breath and steadied himself before stepping onto the first wooden step. He reached out to take hold of the banister but something stopped him, the dark wood was polished to perfection and reflected every little detail of the room as if it was a mirror. The Shine from the chandelier glistened from its oaky body giving off the image of starlight against a dark night, as he moved they began to flicker and dance as if he was riding along the Milky Way on an interstellar course of curiosity. He resisted the urge to reach out and gently caress the smoothness of the wood, to feel the pleasing texture under his pale hands.

“Isn’t it beautiful here?” A low seductive voice spoke so close to his ear he could smell the rosy scent of its perfume. Hawk got a buzzing feeling low in his body that built itself up to the palms of his hands.

“It truly is, one has to wonder though… how do they keep it so clean?” He glanced at the banister which gave way to an image of an overly beautiful woman, she had long auburn hair which had streaks of blond ruining secretly though the locks. Her skin was the colour of honey and melted softly against her curved form. She had sharp feminine cheekbones that gave way to upper class heritage. Hawk speculated that if anyone were to see them together they would be seen as two fine specimens of accurate breeding that would evidently end up producing five or so spawns and living the high life as one of London’s high-class citizens.

He was not buying the beauty, no one was that perfect and her charms of femininity did not work on him in the slightest. He looked closer at the image and watched the glamour dissolve from her form. He smirked as three large coils moved strongly against the floor, keeping her body upright. A lamia demon; woman from the waist up but serpent from the waist down. He felt the buzz grow stronger and his excitement grew, too long had it been since he had come into contact with a red band demon. Demons came in three tiers from green that was weak, yellow moderate and red a public threat. Edinburgh only had greens and yellows, nothing that challenged the detective’s brain.

 He turned to look at her, his tawny eyes watching carefully, seeing her now as a demon made her more beautiful, Hawk longed to touch one of the yellow and flaked with black lustrous scales that covered the demons body, to test its strengths and its weaknesses. he had never seen a Lamia up close and he must admit she was a sight not as in the woman but just how deadly she looked and just how much raw power she must have in that snake like body.

 “You’re so much like your father it’s uncanny.” She grinned; her teeth seemed human however, the flaps of skin where her canine teeth would be, hinted to him that she was most definitely not human.

 She watched as he studied her mouth.

“Curious little thing aren’t you,” she smiled serpent like fangs now slowing “careful I might bite.”
Hawk smirked personally he wouldn’t mind being bitten it would allow him to experiment on variations of lamia bites…

 “What is it you want? It must be important to try and get my attention when you know full well I could easily end you with the flick of my wrist.” Hawk smirked taking in the rain soaked dress which clung to her figure indicating to him that she had been outside and was the shadow which had been following them.

She looked at him quite intensely before chuckling.

“Straight to the point then I see, well let’s take a walk I wish to speak with you in a more privet area.” Her voice was heavily accented with old English that rolled delicately from her forked tongue.

Hawk glanced back at the small blond who seemed to of forgotten all about him and was engaging in some sort of argument with the bar man.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to harm you.” She smiled softly reaching out for hawks bony shoulder, hawk pulled back and glared at her, some demons only have to touch to possess.

“My you are a paranoid one aren’t you?” She eyed him curiously “I can’t harm you I’m afraid,” she followed his eye line “don’t worry about him, no harm will come to him here.”

Hawk pondered for a moment, his instincts told him to flee however, his brain bloomed with curiosity which ran through his veins as thick as the blood that fuelled his vessel. He offered a small nod before he proceeded to briskly walk up the pearly stairs. She followed him; the only sound which could be heard between the two was a slight crackle as the lamia’s scales moved along the smooth wood.

Flashes of red.

The box.

Fangs, red fur, danger.

The small glimpses of visions were attacking his brain a barrage of useless information which was distracting him. In his state he could not yet put up his mind walls, he would of thought by now he would have been able to switch it off like the guys in the crappy superhero films where they could willingly chose to listen to someone’s thoughts, what a luxury it must be for them. The only progress he had been able to make was to enter someone’s mind for a short amount of time and that was hard enough.

“That power of yours giving you trouble?” The woman asked he voice like velvet.

“No more than normal.”

Hawk could feel her eyes boring into his back, it made a small shiver past over his body and awaken his sleeping power.

“I never caught your name,” He begun as they reached the top step.

“That’s because I never told you detective,” she smirked.

Hawk rolled his eyes and took note of his new surroundings, much like the ground floor the walls and flooring remained the same, however this floor has rows of old looking oak doors which were glossed so that one’s refection could be seen. Each one held a brass door handle that was spear in shape. As he moved along the long stretching corridor, he took in the sweet smell of the various flowers that sat hopelessly in high old style china vases that rested comfortably on mahogany desks. Small multi-coloured winged creatures no bigger than a robin hovered carelessly around each flower, their colouration shifting with the different shades the flowers produced. He smiled, pixies whilst not being demons had an evil streak that amused the detective to no end.

“How about I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours” She grinned as she came up behind him, her black tongue softly making contact with his ear. Hawk let out a puff of air and with it small sparks of blue that nipped at his skin, from the corner on his eye he saw the woman back away from his display of power.

“James Hawk,” he said flatly, as he reached out to grasp a blood red rose from its bed. “I prefer Hawk though, James is so ordinary.”

“What a lovely name, it suits you. Your daddy did pick well.” she said in a curious tone that made the detectives attention move from the angry rose pixie which had been jabbing his hand with a tiny thorn like sword since he had so drastically pulled its house from its plot to her.

“How do you know my father?” he frowned.

“All in good time Hawk, anyway you may call me Eliza.” She looked over to a white set of double doors which were framed with a glistening gold and hand handles shaped like ivy leaves. “Let’s go onto the balcony I doubt anyone would be there in weather like this.”

“Agreeable, only the maddest of us would stand out in the rain.” He smirked as he placed the rose back into its life source and continued along the repetitive hall.

As they stepped through the double doors and onto the balcony the air became wet, like the residue of a storm making itself known in the unruly atmosphere. The detective took a deep breath in, the scent of the rain mixed with the city embraced him, it clung to his clothes and slicked his hair. He felt as if he was away and at home all at once. He closed his eyes and allowed himself a brief moment of peace, to relax his aching muscles and will the buzzing power that was threatening to erupt from his fingertips to calm.

“I presume you brought me out here to kill me?” he cracked open an eye. “I don’t believe you when you say, “I won’t harm you”.” He smirked.

Eliza hissed softly and slithered over to the stone wall which overlooked the city, the wind tugged at her hair causing it to wisp over her face and conceal her demonic eyes.

“My dear, I am a woman who keeps her word, I cannot harm you in anyway,” She touched the slope of her breast. “I here as a matter of importance, I’ve spent many years trying to find you sweet one.” He walked over, cautiousness took over his moments.

“I have something which I feel will set you on the path of your destiny, I think it will help explain why you are so different to everyone else.”

Hawk looked at her sceptically, unlike Alex she was hard to read, he had a hard time seeing anything in her inky eyes.

“I don’t believe in destiny serpent,” He sighed looking out at the industrial landscape around them, he watched as the humans went by their daily chores like ants working for their queen. It must be so boring being one of them; having to be on a constant leash that stopped them from doing anything over their ten percent brain capacity.

“You know of the key right?” she said watching him.

“Of course, it’s what the organisation called me back for.”

“I have information on its ware about… well its fragmented where abouts.” She grinned and leaned against the wall. “If you help me…. I can help you.”

Hawk didn’t know how to answer, he wanted to dismiss this whole thing as a way to draw him out of the safety of the hotel however, something about the way she spoke intrigued him he needed to know more. He found himself thinking, “What would Alex do” however, the thought of the witch creature he shared a bed with vividly popped into his mind making him crinkle his nose.

“Why do you need my help?” He questioned.

The serpent looked around as if to check she wasn’t being followed.


Being hunted?

Thoughts such as these burst into his mind giving him a small glimpse at her personality.



“I’m being hunted,” She said moving her face close to his ear. “You must have heard of the lone wolf, she’s all over the papers.”

Hawk nodded slowly before glancing at the roof where he could have sworn he saw a flash of red.

“She’s been after me for a while you see, I stole something which was quite important to Corvus.. The raven king and leader of the demons and well she’s his assassin and extremely violent… I don’t have the strength to fight her so I need protection.”

 “What did you steal?” He questioned trying to hold back the smirk that was tugging at his muscles.

She did not say anything instead, she pulled out a small silver chain from around her neck, attached to it was a rather interesting circular piece of metal that pulsed and glowed against her. Hawks eyes lit up and the power that he commanded to stay dormant raced through his veins, it was a key shard but not just any ordinary key shard, one of the ones for Pandora’s key.

The fragment thrashed desperately against her form as if to escape from its imprisonment in chains. Hawk couldn't help but reach out for it. It shone brilliantly against her skin and reflexed a silvery light within his tawny eyes making them look like a cats in the night. It intrigued him, how it looked ancient as if it wasn't from this time and was a relic from the past unearthed by a gallant adventurer yet the fragment itself held no ware only a small laceration a long both sides of its curved structure where had inevitably been separate from its body.

 “It calls to you blood Hawk," Eliza spoke in a hushed tone as if to keep the information between the two of them. “It’s been longing for you ever since you parted, take it." Hawk watched her cautiously for a second. Curiosity welled up in the depths of his stomach. It burned like the hottest day yet did not harm him as the feeling embraced his body in an almost suffocating hold. It made all his senses awaken and take in the vivid atmosphere. Cautiously he wrapped an elegant hand around the offending object.

White-hot pain simmered though his body, so bad it made his eyes roll back and plunge him into darkness.

When light finally came back into his world the scenery had changed, the vast grey industrial landscape had given way to a warm and vibrant house. The distant sound of burning wood whispers sweet nothings in his ears and the strong scent of homeliness drifted lazily up his nose. It had an air of familiarity to it that awoke small whispers of a memory the detective could not make out.

Shaking his head in disbelief he looked around, in front of him sat a Victorian style chair that was rimmed with mahogany and padded with comfortable looking red velvet cushions. They had small frays on them and one side of the chairs cushion was stained in what hawk deemed to be a felt tip. As he moved his gaze from the chair he took in the open fireplace that burned lowly coating the room with an orange glow, there was no TV in this room and like the fragment he had just been holding everything seemed to not be of the time. Above the fireplace was a wonderful old style mantelpiece which was painted white and had small dainty blue flowers painted on its snowy exterior, upon closer inspection Hawk found the flowers to have miniscule little bees and butterflies moving at accelerated speed around them.

It baffled him how they moved when they were nothing more than paint.

On the windowsill that looked out across from the chair and gave out a greyish light sat a small child, no older than five judging by the chubbiness of his body and the fact he wasn’t much taller than a toddler. A mop of thick black curls rested upon his head and swayed ever so slightly as he moved. Hawk observed the boy as his fingers traced the small droplets of water on their decent to the ground, he noted that weak blue sparks desperately tried to leave the tips of his chucky fingers and attack the water like a snarling hound preparing to end a fox.

He seemed so absorbed in the task he did not notice the dark shadow that made its way of out the fire and crept up on his unsuspecting form. He couldn’t make out the shadow no matter how hard his mind tried to put an image to it something blocked him from actually seeing.

Hawk instinctively moved closer to the figure as it edged ever so nearer to the boy. Before he could warn the child, his head whirled around to look at the intruder.

“Heard you.” The boy the boy beamed clearly proud of himself, He swivelled round to face the detective and the unknown figure. Hawk was hit by a wave of familiarity as he gaze at the boys canary coloured eyes that looked like they held all the knowledge of the world within their pools.

“Very good Jamie.” The figure spoke in a soft tone causing another river of familiarity to hit the curious detective. The dark vail the figure wore slipped from his body and in his place stood a man with wild amber eyes that mirrored the child’s. A mass of black hair that framed his beautiful face hung in soft curls; he looked timeless like he was straight from a Shakespearean novel, the way he held himself left promises of power and wealth that even Hawk could not ignore. Something else drew the detectives curiosity more than usual, the way he seemed to be there but not fully there as if he had stepped from a different time and different realm and polluted the air with his power.

He gracefully lowered himself to the boys level, his honey eyes watching as the boy wrapped his skinny arms around his torso.

“It’s late James why are you still up?” The man spoke softly stroking the child’s mass of curls back in an affectionate gesture; it made Hawk cringe at the sheer mundaneness of the situation, affection was not something he was used to seeing especially with rich folk like his own family who would rather stroke a pound coin that stroke their sons hair.

“I was worried and I couldn’t sleep, the night creatures were back.” The boy mumbled into the man’s black jumper, his nose was buried into the soft looking fabric as if to take in his scent, to cherish it in case it was to every disappear from his life.

The slight flicker of a smell that was a cross between the finest honey and the richest spice arose in his mind. It differed in front of his eyes calling out for him yet was too far from his grasp to reach.

“That’s not good,” The man spoke pulling the child into his arms and rising to his feet “how about we sleep down here tonight? I’ll tell you a story if you want?” He grinned at the boy, where his human canines should be rested two thin cat like fangs, they glowed menacingly in the little light coming through the window as the cloud-covered sun rested her eyes and sunk into sleep.

The vision flickered to same room as he was just in however, this time the two males were curled up on the sofa, the boy at comfortably within the man’s arms, he smiled down proudly at the boy, Hawk noticed their similarities and guessed they were either brothers or the man was the boy’s father.

“When the world was young and the lands untouched by man the gods grew bored with their creation, what is there to rule if nothing but animals lived within your kingdom.” The man started resting his head upon the boys “Their boredom lead to the creation of three races Angels, who owned the sky’s and protected the humans from their own stupidity, humans who used the earth to destroy one another and demons who were there to clean up the waste”

The boy listened intently, completely absorbed in the man’s words even hawk found himself draw to the way the mans pronounced his words, Hawk felt he could listen for ever about the life before his own.

“Angels favoured humans, found them fascinating and in need of care and protection, vus they gifted humans with certain gifts.”

“That’s how the organisation was formed right?” The boy Chirped up pulling out of his fathers (hawk had decided) Hold and standing proudly on the sofa. “The worriors of the human realm fighting to protect the world against demons” The boy was talking with his hands.

The man chuckled at him and smiled fondly, it was so rare for Hawk to see affection such as that between family members that a small whisper of loneliness crept out from the darkest corner of his mind and engulfed his body in darkened emotion.

“My little black mane,” the man started propping his head on his palm “whenever did you get so smart?”

The boys grin could not have grown any larger without splitting his head in two, the gold of his eyes glowing with excitement as his father questioned his intelligence. 

“I read when you aren’t here; Tianna bought me loads of cool books on demons and angels and one about the organisation. I think if I’m good enough ill join them.” his toothy grin didn’t waver as he continued excitedly with his tale “I can already do this.” He made a small pound sized ball of lightning in his palm; it rotated in a messy clockwise state as if the boy had only little control of the energy.

The man stared at it as if a spark of the beryl electricity had hit him, the tanned tone of his face seemed to drain like mud flowing down stream. The pointed tips of his elven looking ears bloomed scarlet and seemed to be the only thing holding any colour, even the room itself seemed to dim with the man’s emotions.

“When did that come about?” The man spoke calmly and reached to take his sons hand.

“Not too long ago, when we last tried I only got sparks but look at how cool that is.” The child watched at the sparks slid energetically across his fingers, lighting both his and his father’s face in a shade of natural light.

“James,” the man started placing his hand over the buzzing electricity, killing its alluring light instantly. “You have to be careful, many will want your power, if you use it its not to be flaunted and it’s especially not meant for the organisation understand”

Hawk watched the boy and began to wonder, they shared the same name, hair, eyes and power could it be that the fragment had triggered some sort of memory vision of his own past? A small piece of the puzzle in which he had tried for years to work out.

The boy nodded and looked sullenly at the man’s hand; the man softly reached out with his other and lifted his chin.

“I will help you control it, but now I know your power has manifested I can give you this.” He reached below his grey shirt and pulled out a circular looking pendant with a strange eye ruin carved into its face it shone softly before pulling towards the child.

“It belongs to you, it always has.” The man’s smiled pulling the chain which held the pendant from his neck and placing it gently around his sons. “It only reacts to your blood and you are the only one who can stop the box from opening but I will tell you more about that when you are old enough, for now this is not a toy, you can’t take it off or it was be located. It’s yours to protect my little cub.” He ruffled the boys hair “respect it and it will guide you.”

The vison flicked till Hawk was stood in a room so bright with florescent light that he could feel the backs of his eyes burning as he gazed upon the colourless walls. A strange feeling washed over him, it played on his senses and made his body alert, the lightning that roared through his veins began to push to the surface willing to protect its master.

“You being here means something must have happened to me.” A low relaxing voice spoke. It seemed to ease the lightning that had been frantically clawing away at Hawks flesh. Hawk looked around but was met with white walls.

“As much as I would love to embrace you I’m afraid I can’t show myself yet, not until I’m certain of who you are, some much about you is different now from when you were a boy, you have a darkness to you that lingers behind your shoulder waiting till you lose yourself…” The voice purred close and all at once, as if it was the very air the detective breathed.

“Find more fragments and I will give you back a memory only then will I begin to trust you.”

The world around him begun to shake and crumble like an earthquake had hit it, hawk felt himself slowly sipping away from this world with the strange man who looked like a demon and the boy who was a mirror of himself and allowed the striking darkness shatter the light of the room bringing him to a premature slumber.


Something was tight around his body, not tight enough to hurt but enough to keep him from falling helplessly against the concrete, the light of the world stung as he tried to open his eyes as if everything was too bright for his pupils to focus.

“Easy there detective,” A soft voice spoke close to his ear.

Hawk attempted to pull himself form the comfortable hold however, that only resulted in it tightening around him.

“Calm yourself; you are safe if I let you go you will fall.”

Hawk forced himself to open his eyes and look at the offending voice, once open he noted the setting had switched back to that of the London balcony. 

“What did you do to me?” He questioned painfully, “did you drug me?”

“Nonsense! I’m above such things.” The voice hissed, “What you saw was a memory linked to the shard, I didn’t think it would have that much of an effect on you but I’ve been wrong before”

“A memory?” He ran a hand along the thing that held him up, it was smooth and cool to the touch and with further inspection, he found it to be a serpent’s coil, so it was Eliza who held him.

“Yes a memory, gods you are so much in the dark of your own past helping you isn’t going to be easy, let’s just say when the key broke it took some of you with it. Memories if you will and your precious demonic power that we only get a small glimpse off now it interests me how you killed an angel with such little power, it took your father a great deal of effort to bring down an angel and he was fully demonic.” She shrugged leaving Hawk confused by her words.

“I’m human”

“Half come now Hawk don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the way battle calls to you like a maidens song, or how your pretty golden eyes change to cat like slits when you think too hard or use that delicious power of yours?”

Hawk pondered this for a second before frowning.

“ Did you not see anything of your father in your memory?” she questioned “from what I remember he was a great demon of calamity who fell in love with the human realm, it was his weakness vus the key was given to you a boy not fully demon yet not fully human ether a neutural who could keep the peace between our races.”      

A laugh sounded from above them.

“My Eliza wouldn’t take you for a story teller."

Hawk painfully lifted his head to the dull industrial roof that overlooked the balcony. Stood upon the structure was the most curious sight, Hawk felt the stirrings of power pluck at his skin and ignite the air in his lungs. There she stood in all her glory, the lone wolf of London, her form shrouded in a cloak of black that fluttered in the winter wind as it desperately tried to penetrate the inky fabric. He could not make out her features as they were concealed behind a snow-white mask. The starkness of the mask clashed violently with the blood red patterns that danced along the bottom of it. A river of short claret hair caressed the mask in such a way it almost looked gentle.

She slid with ease from the roof and landed silently in front of them, her long black coat fanning out on the ground like an old-fashioned ball gown. As she arose from the wet ground, the only sound heard was the slight metallic noise of her twin blades scraping against her body as if they were attempting to break out of their holsters. Hawk watched her in deadly silence as she prowled closer to them; the way she held herself gave her a sort of fierce grace that spiked the ever-growing curiosity that resided in Hawk’s stomach.

“Aww don’t stop because of me, you were just getting to the good part.” she spoke in a muffled tone, her body language displaying an aura of arrogance as the words left her mouth.

Hawk pulled himself free from the serpents hold and stumbled slightly before the girl, he had not yet recovered from the strange memory. As he straightened himself out, he took inventory of his weapons and power reserve, after what happened earlier he was scarce of both, that made him curse under his breath.

“Oh, look at those vacant expressions you must be so confused right now, I suppose it was rude of me not to introduce myself.” The girl said running a hand through her hair “Dawn Knox, Hi.” She spoke in a tone full of mockery bowed, the gestured made the serpent next to him hiss in annoyance.

“Dog,” Eliza begun moving slightly closer to the detective. “You’re later than anticipated.”

The masked figure let out a strangled chuckle that echoed from baron walls and spark a wild fire of emotion in the normally bored detective. Something fascinated him about the way she moved, with such grace one would mistake her for a panther slowly stalking its way through the dense rainforest.  

“I got distracted by this beautiful thing,” She pointed to Hawk “Heavens his eyes are just how I remember.”

“Remember?” Hawk spoke up confused of how she knew him other than the vison they shared.

“Oh come now detective don’t be boring,” She sighed pulling out a blade and spinning it on her finger tips, it twirled and danced against her delicate looking appendage in a deadly movement that tried to hypnotise the detective.

Childhood friend?


Business partner?



Defiantly not. He shook his head in annoyance at the last one.

“You’ve been following me…” He drew the conclusion finally.

“See that wasn’t so hard,” She chuckled lowly, “Yes I have and now you have the thing I am here for so let’s hurry this up so I can go back to hunting her”  she pointed to Eliza. “This doesn’t need to end in a fight.”

Hawk quickly surveyed the area making sure he knew each exit in case the wolf attacked which at that moment felt likely.

“Back off mutt the detective is off limits.” Eliza showed her fangs, hawk glanced at them as saw the sheer size of them, he decided that he wouldn’t want to be bit by those.

“Who says I’m here for the detective? I simply want the shard he is holding.” The girl shrugged before throwing the dagger in the air and catching it again in quick succession.

Hawk had forgotten about the shard he clutched within his palm, it burned as he thought of it, not enough to hurt but enough to make its presence known.

“Well my dear wolf,” He began holding the chain between two fingers allowing the shard to dangle charmingly from its grasp,  “If you want it so badly come and get it.” He flicked it back into his palm before casting a small ball of lightning that rolled itself across his fingers.

The girl seemed delighted by his challenge and drew her other blade, they fit together in a perfect yin yang. Hawk could not help but smile at the contrasting colours between the white and the black. As she moved forward, the detective crouched low to the ground, taking note of the water patterns that decorated the floor in think pools of murky liquid.

She was upon him faster than he calculated, her heavy sword lashing out as if to taste his flesh. Hawk jumped black and stumbled slightly, his head pounded. She gave him little time to gain his composure as she moved on him again. Hawk quickly pulled out one of his last daggers and blocked her attack with it. The sound of clashing metal rang out against the winter wind sending an icy metallic tone to the atmosphere. The force of her attack caused him to slip back a few paces. He noted the silver pattern that peaked out from her fisted hand, it looked almost like the corner of an eye yet he could not quite tell.

“Detective all you have to do is give me the shard and I will spare you.” She spoke using her other blade to pull herself out of the parlay they were sharing.

Hawk spun around his gold eyes observing her movements, documenting each attack and storing them in the computer that was his mind, it would allowed him to form a battle plan in quick time so he could inevitably win this fight.

“I don’t share.” He smirked.

Favours left hand over right.

Black blade seems to be stronger than white.

Is a close-ranged fighter.

Strange marking on palm.

“Ooh good,” She jumped back. “I do like a challenge.” He felt the pressure change around him before a ball of molten orange flew toward him; he quickly rolled to the left and flattened his palm on the concrete. Blue sparks hissed to life and ran along the watermarks lighting the area in a royal blue that would match the sky on a warm summer’s day. The way they patterned the ground made it look as if it was a pool of spiritual water waiting for the host to step into.

Before they could hit, The wolf threw out one of her blades, a long iron rope sprung from its hilt. It hit the wall with a thump; small bits of brick fell angrily from its wound. The rope tensed and pulled the lone wolf out from the electric pool.

Hawk smirked, she was smart, smarter than most he came across which was a refreshing feeling than the normal dullness that pulsed through his mind.

“Ooh, I like the lightning it’s very...“bitey”.” she tilted her head and pulled herself upon the roof.

The lightning began to die down as the strands of water vaporised due to his lightning’s ferocity. He felt a small pain in his chest.

Powers too low to attack like that again…

He glanced down at the blade that he was still holding, it was warm in his palm from where his grip had been. Small sparks of the dying light attached themselves to the blade causing it to glow bright. He turned his gaze from the weapon to the wolf, she stood with pride a top of the roof, looking down at him as if he was nothing more than a peasant under the queens rein. Small strands of red stuck to her mask from the moisture in the air and the slight drizzled which frigidly brushed against them.

A sudden movement drew the detective’s attention, it was as if a large bird had land behind her yet he could not be sure. two huge wings fanned out from behind the girl making her look as if she was an angel, not the good kind which followed the human god around and made peace in the world but the demon one with painted black wings that blotted out the sun and plunged the world into darkness. That’s what she was, a creature straight from a macabre painting, beautiful and florescent yet deadly to a degree one would have to take special precautions to avoid.

After a few moments of whispering that Hawk could not quite make out, the girl turned back to him.

“I hate to cut this short I really do, the flirting was so much fun,” she sighed. “But we will be meeting again my golden eyed detective.” And with a quick step backwards she was gone.

His head felt heavy; maybe it was not the best idea to fight on so little energy. The detective attempted to move only to be brought him to his knees. The floor did look extremely comfortable at that moment.

The double doors burst open whipping his attention away from the floor and the relatively annoyed looking blond who stood clutching a glowing bow in his hands an arrow already nocked and ready.

Hawk attempted to shout him but nothing came out, the world around him seemed to melt and blend into one monotonous grey swirl that swallowed him whole.

The End

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