Chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5 scents of wine and spices

A rather wonderful scent of mature wine and spice made itself apparent as Dawn neared the clearing. The rain loomed above her in an angry cloud of vengeance; she thought for sure the gods had a thing for ruining her day. She leaped from the building and landed silently on an abandoned skip, it smelt like wet cardboard with a hint of something rotten that she could not quite put her finger on.

She glanced around, it was too quiet almost eerily so yet the smell of the spiced wine still wafted around like expensive perfume, it was strange that the scent seemed to cut through the pungent smell of decay the skip had emitted. Not feeling entirely safe, a black blade was drew from behind her where it sat snug against her form. Cautiously she brought the blade to her lips and whispered to it. A silver glow erupted from the blade and from the silver stood a proud wolf, its coat as black as ebony and its eyes a brilliant azure that held the tales of a thousand moons within them, across its face two dark pink scars, they clashed with its darkness and stood out against the inkiness of it stature. It stared at her for a moment, ripples danced along its muzzle as if to snarl at her, she stood her ground looking down at it with shadowed eyes until the wolf bent its head down in submission.

“My lady.” It grumbled in a thick gritty male voice.

“Aries,” she smiled pushing her hand into his thick raven fur. “I need you to scout the area, something doesn’t sit right here.”

“As you wish.” He jumped away from her before moving towards the entrance of the clearing, Dawn watched him leave before stepping calmly from the skip. She looked around, her movements slow and cautious.

“You won’t find anything wolf.” A high-pitched annoying squeak of a voice spoke which made the hairs of the back of Dawns neck rise in anger. She drew her white gold dagger and took a step back to put distance between them.

“My my your on edge,” The voice was from above her and in a creepy way it drifted through the wind like a ghost in the night.

“Corvus send you red?” Dawn growled in warning and lifted her head toward the sound.

“Psh, I’m allowed to do things for myself little wolf,” She giggled jumping down from her perch and landing in front of the rather angry red head. “I tested out Corvus’s new toy…he’s wonderful.”

Dawn pushed her hair back from her face and secured it under her hood before looking at the creature that had moved in front of her, even with a heavy glamour, she was horrific, with thick bug like pincers at her jaw and beady black eyes that watched every movement Dawn made.

Aries snarled from the distance and made a move to attack her however was met with a silver shield that knocked him back a few feet. His nose crinkled and his lips pulled back to show his large fangs.

“Ooh sit boy.” she giggled touching the shield near his face.

Dawn clicked her tongue in annoyance.

“The serpent,” she growled her patience running thin “Came through here have you seen her?”  Dawn sniffed the air slightly; the wine scent was blocking her trail to the serpent.

“Could it be that you’re asking for help?” Red smirked leaning back against the wall “I suppose I saw her here a few moments ago before you and your,” she paused to look at Aries who was pushing against the shield with brute force, his eyes wild with anger. “What are they pets? Weapons? Heh pack?” She ran a finger along the white blade “Came by and scared her off, she’s very cautious of you, you know.”

Dawn snapped her jaws at the girl in warning before she pulled her blade away.

“I have no time for your annoyance,” The air around her seemed charged; it made her skin rise and tingle with a powerful sensation that confused the red head. “Why does this place feel strange?” Dawn questioned.

“Mm the toy what was his name again…Detective James Hawk, has a rather particular power” her horrid face contorted into a grin “shame he was too drained to use it.”

Dawn stopped for a moment, knowing seeped into her mind as the image of the brilliant lightning user flashed into her brain, years of careful stalking on Intel missions left her aware about such a man.

“I see.” she muttered and moved away from the girl. “Drop the shield, I have a feeling I know where the serpents going and it has something to do with that detective”

“Ooh goodie can I come?” she said moving her hand across the shimmering spear, Aries snarled once before he came charging towards her, Dawn sighed and called him to her hand, with a swift movement he changed back into his obsidian dagger form and landed comfortably in her hand.

“No you can’t this mission is mine.” She growled the “mine” a little more violently that she should have.

“Mm touchy, could it be something to do with wanting the detective to yourself?” She giggled. “The key shard you own must call to him do your heart also?”

Dawn shuck her head as she walked, blade still snug in her hand.

The End

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