Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4 Entwined bonds

The train pulled to a dying Holt, its engine sputtered with weariness and the breaks screeched with protest. Alex stood watching the small amounts of rain as they ran briskly against the steamed glass of the train. The floor of the now motionless train, looked as if a bomb had hit, its cheap wooden floor splintered and broken in a depressing mess, it made the tips of the Youngers ears turn pink at the mess the company will have to tidy when the glamour wore off. He glanced at the elder; a small creak of vermilion had dried against his forehead.

A dull thud had begun to manifest in his head, he glanced back at the window and at the clear liquid that fell from the angered sky. The rain had always tampered with his connection to his power source, otherwise known as the fade; it was a section between the human realm and the angel realm where angel blessed like himself could recharge their powers, it also happened to be where his weapons came from, so a weak connection with it caused him no end of problems. He did not like to think too much of the toothpick intendent.

 As he stepped out into the offending liquid, he rested a hand just above his eyebrows in a feeble attempt to block out the out of time pounding that was making itself know, quite aggressively in his sinuses. For most who were blessed with angel power they were also cursed with headaches, this was down to the amount of strain his body took whilst using the power, though never as bad as this. This headache was all down to the fact he was stupid enough to not meditate before getting on the train with James. He could almost hear the elders all too cocky voice in his head saying, “I told you so.” In hindsight, he made a mental note to always replenish power before going out with the crazed detective.

He almost envied the elder as he looked at him; the rain had seemed to wake him up. His acid burned jacket glistened with the falling liquid, it offered a sad sort of glow to the detective’s form, which on any other human would look almost depressing, but on James, the look suited him. He looked like he had stepped into this time from another, where men were beautiful and had cheekbones that could cut diamonds and the steampunk attire his friend seemed to have been wearing as of late was normal.

Alex could visibly see the tension from the previous battle roll off him in droplets of darkness, each one carrying some of the weight of the detective’s shoulders it reminded Alex of how the rain would race down his cheek and fall into a small pull of water leaving his body with only a silver of what once was there. He looked at his friend more fully, in this moment the world seemed silenced for James complete serenity and peace had took over his features as the rain danced across his timeless skin. Golden eyes closed and locked away by the pale membrane of his eyelids. Gentle melanoid lashes shadowed the pallid skin and collected globules of rain; they glistened against the inkiness of the lashes causing a sort of diamond effect along his viewpoint. Alex could see his aristocratic heritage shine though like a beacon of light, he was truly a spectacle; it made him wonder how the elder had not found a suitable wife.

His head pounded even more.

Alex not wanting to disturb the basking detective but somehow take his mind of the stammering pain thought back to when they were new partners.

 The night of the contract ceremony, it had been a miserable night where the rain hammered against the glass-panelled ballroom and left trails of moisture along the transparent material. It was not a surprise for the weather to be awful especially in Edinburgh where they were lucky to step foot outside without being waterlogged.

Alex was not one for breaking the rules but standing still for that amount of time was beginning to ware holes in his reserve, the repetitious old man who was taking in their posture whilst spewing nonsense was beginning to make him want to commit a homicide. Something caught his eye, not that it was hard at that point, Alex was beyond boredom. Promenading from the stairs was an oddity dressed in black, the way it moved with prowess and superiority drew the blond’s attention, almost demanding it. He watched the obsidian clothed figure as he stalked from the stairs and across the room, his gaze shadowed by boredom and loathing. A mass of spiralled hair moved softly against his head as he moved.

 He was definitely giving off the “dangerous animal” vibe, that everyone in the room scampered away from like gazelles running from a lion. Alex had seen him around before however, he was not a student, no he was there to be reformed or something like that, Alex remembered Sara vaigly talking about it one night whilst laying under the moonlight.

Alex followed the sullen man as he prowled to the balcony of the fancy ballroom. He had to admit he felt extremely out of place in the room, the organisation was for posh rich folk who inherited the powers of the angels.  Alex was simply your standard lower class kid who happen to of manifested powers at fifteen, so the head granted him a place at the academy. He could tell by the look of the man he was of noble blood, high cheekbones and cupids bow lips it almost made Alex hate him, almost.

When the aristocrat got out to the balcony, he stood still and allowed the heavy rain to monopolize his body. It danced along his suit with ease coaxing out the small blue sparks from the elders from, Alex was mesmerised by it and must of looked quite the fool standing staring at a man who didn’t know he existed.

“Coming to a place such as this, my you must be bored.” A deep and very English voice cut through the rainfall. The blue sparks that had been playing on the man’s body now shifting rapidly against his form, Alex spectated in wonder.

“Hmm,” the man began again moving from his position over to a small puddle of accumulated rainwater. “Very smart of you to attack when it is raining.” He sighed boredly before kicking the liquid. At it moved it quickly morphed into a humanoid looking creature with water for flesh, Small slits on its neck contracting in huge gaps like the gills of a fish that had been plucked from the ocean. From its hands and feet splayed web like appendages that seemed to stick to the ground bellow it.

Wirnpa demon? Alex thought to himself thinking back to the years he spent studying demonology.

The demon let out a low screech and attacked the golden-eyed detective; he moved with grace, like a delicate dancer and landed behind it. The blue sparks had become ecstatic and moved to the palms of his hands, they lit up the balcony in a brilliant ultramarine. The demon let out a low hiss and lunged for the aurous-eyed man, huge drops of sticky looking liquid fell in loud pools as it moved. The Detective jumped away from its watery attack, his long, black, steampunk inspired coat fanned out behind him like the wings or a particularity large bird. As it was still falling around his form the detective moved again. He was like a bolt of lightning zapping between the demons fruitless attacks. The rain-streaked moonlight highlighted his features it made him look almost immortal.

Lightning buzzed in the man’s hand and he pulled out a small coper coated dagger, it seemed useless against something such as this however with a small gust of breath he allowed the frantic lightning to engulf it, turning the blade into a lighting sword.

“Awh, not looking so pleased with yourself now demon.” He chuckled and spun the blade in his palm.

“One day that insolent little tongue of yours will be ripped out Black mane.” The demon spat, the water that made up its body, rippling against its form. It was a dainty female voice that seemed almost out of place for situation.

“Ooh sounds erotic.” He smirked and lunged forward I quick succession. The demon stood ground watching to detective with intense blue eyes, the water from its body began to bubble at its palms, a rip tide of aqua burst from them that threatened to swallow the detective whole. The detective plunged his sword into the ground and used to hoist himself up and over the wave; he landed on a crouched gargoyle that overlooked the floral gardens of the academy. The blade that was still stuck in the ground pulsed lowly, the blue lightning that had been caressing it shot from the tip and into the water creating a river of electricity that illuminated everything it touched.

The demon screeched and swiftly moved from the pool before the lightning could hit it. Alex watched in amazement, he had never see a real detective battle before and certainly never one with such an unusual power such as lightning.

“Detective!” It hissed angrily. “Why must you always show off?”

The rain soaked man smirked.

“Why not my dear?” He vaulted off the gargoyle and onto the now empty balcony, “You know how much I enjoy flaunting my powers.” His fingers danced slightly in the wet air making the blade in the ground shake before finally coming to his hand with a dull thud.

“I’m bored of playing now.” His eyes turned from childish to harsh and he pointed the blade at the demon. “Let us dance, it is a ball after all.” And with that he moved, faster than what Alex could keep up with. The demon moved too jumping towards him with grace before spewing out balls of blueish green liquid, the man dodged and leaped away from them before coming close to striking the demon. Alex watched at the edge of curiosity, he felt the static combine with the moisture of the air, he knew the Detective was going to land a killing blow and then…

The demon twisted away and shot a jet like spray of water at the man sending him hurdling over the edge of the balcony. Alex thought for sure the man was dead and quickly created a silver blade before a chorus of choking coughs and splutters ran out against the rainy night, with closer inspection, Alex could see the pale hand of the black haired man.

“Shit,” He mumbled trying to pull himself up. “That have really worked on that since the last time we fought.”

Alex looked in horror as the demon waded over to him, the rain absorbed into its skin as it moved and a cloud of humidity seemed to float above its head.

“It’s not me; it’s you my lovely black mane. They have weakened you since they brought you here.” She sighed softly before making a ball of water in her palm. “If I had known you wouldn’t be able to withstand a small little attack like that I wouldn’t have waited so long to attack.” 

The man gripped the ledge tighter, his fingers only barely hanging on thanks to the amount of moss that stuck itself to the stone. His eyes flicking from human to something more like a cats.

“It’s very easy for you demons to become cocky,” He said, boredom filled his tone as the sparks in his palm began again. “Reckless almost.” He eyed Alex from where he was hanging, his eyes clear and calm as if to communicate only to the blond.

Distract it, I cannot use my power until it is fully charged, it will kill me if I stay here…

Alex was confused as to why he could understand that just from a look but nodded.

The demon made a strange sound that Alex could not quite place, it sounded somewhat of an orca crossed with a crow.

“Detective, don’t act coy with me I know your tricks, we all do”

Alex begun to move, flipping the silver knife in his palm and rushing at the dripping demon. It must have sensed him as it moved away with high speed just before he hit it.  She grabbed his arm and grinned wildly.

“Black mane!” It started taking in the blonds form. “You made a friend? How much is he paying you to help him kid?” It giggled and moved close to him. “You are a cutie aren’t you…I might just take you for myself.”

Alex frowned before freeing himself from its hold that a quick slice of the knife. He stumbled back clutching the blade tightly. The demon let out a growl like laugh as its limb began to grow back, Alex cursed silently, of course the knife wouldn’t do anything against a none fleshed demon.

“Awh cute, but silver doesn’t work on me.” It giggled moving close to him, Alex backed up, his palm slick with sweat and a small ounce of fear cloaked his form.

“Lightning does though.” A English laced voice said in amusement before a shocking azure light shot out at the demon, impaling it on a vicious spike, its body shook and spasmed in pain. Alex watched in panic, he did not know lightning could travel in that way.

“Curse you black mane!” She wailed clawing at the pulsing bolt in her chest.

“Kid get make an iron dagger and end this, I know you can create weapons,” He commanded, Alex looked dumbfound for a moment, trying to work out how he knew that.

“Gods what do they teach you?” He complained shifting his weight against the wall. “Use that impressive power you have to manipulate the blade in your hand; it will change for you if you will it too.”

Alex looked down at the blade in his palm, it glowed sliver in the moonlight, closing his eyes he thought of iron, how it felt against his skin, how much it weighed and what its colour was before opening them and seeing a small put powerful iron dagger resting aggressively against his flesh. A small feeling a pride swept over him as he stared at it.

“Any time now kid, would be lovely.” A bored voice called.

Alex gripped the hilt tightly and tested the weight; it was well balanced and perfect for his form. He moved quickly and plunged the blade into its watery chest. The demon screeched and clawed at him before bursting into balls of fat liquid.

“Well you’re certainly interesting.” The man spoke, pulling himself up and onto the balcony. “It took you long enough to get involved I was wondering if I needed to actually throw myself off the ledge to see if you would react.” His voice was dripping with arrogance.

He gave Alex a long look, after he did not respond and rolled his eyes.

“You didn’t honestly think I was in any real danger did you? It was all just a ploy to see how you would react,” He paused looking at the shaking hands of the younger. “You okay?”

Alex nodded and let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. He had not really been out on the field so seeing a demon up close was enough to play with his nerves.

“Good,” He grabbed Alex’s sleeve and pulled him into the dry building “so tell me, why did you followed me out onto the balcony when it’s your ceremony night?” He shook the water from his hair and leaned against the wall in an arrogant manor.

Alex took a moment before turning to look at him.

“Please, standing there for more than five seconds is enough to drive even the most patient of men to breaking point” Alex moaned shrugging off his wet blazer.

“tell me about it,” he chuckled. “My names James Hawk, I’m a detective of twelve years, I hail from London, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” His hand twitched as if wanting to reach out to the younger but his mind thought against it. Strange.

Alex smiled “Alex Morgan, the pleasure is all mine.”

This seemed of have delighted the elder, as the next words that left his mouth were what change the pair for the better.

“Well Alex, seeing as you have some knowledge on demons and can wield a blade I was wondering if you would like to partner with me,” he paused “ platonically, I’m in need of someone to help me with cases…” He circled him like a lion cornering prey before turning away.

Alex watched the elder as he moved over to the white spiral staircase; he looked like a man who had stepped from one of those old portraits that you find in stately homes. He wondered just for a moment what I would be like to fight with this marvel of a man.


“Ah Alex actual city air! Just breathe in all that pollution!” Hawk said pulling Alex out of his thoughts.

“Not really something to be happy about…” Alex said putting his hand to his throbbing head. “When you’re finished basking in carbon dioxide can we please go to the hotel, my head feels like there’s a thousand drummers in there competing for the most annoying drummer award.”

Hawk looked at Alex, his face pale and his eyes sunk with tiredness. Maybe it would be wise for them to go back to the hotel…he did need to change his clothes and wash the blood out of his hair but curiosity was eating away at him, he needed to start working on cases get to know London again but Alex was more important to him so London would have to wait.

Alex sighed watching his friend whose face had turned blank which only meant he was having a conversation with himself. To anyone else this would be annoying however; Alex had grown use to James’s less than normal habits. He pulled his coat tighter around himself to block out the freezing wind and stepped out onto the curb drawing the attention of a passing cabbie. He shivered and sighed he had begun to feel dizzy. His head had gone into complete pain mode that was not good, if his magic ran too low it could potentially put him in a comer or even worse kill him. He shuddered with panic until a warm hand pressed against his shoulder, the energy coming from it warmed the younger detective. Hawk looked down at his friend, his messy black hair soaked with rain but eyes like golden fire burning like the energy rushing though his marked hand.

“Take my energy Alex, you are low and won’t make it back to the hotel conscious if you don’t.” Hawk said smiling slightly.

Alex was taken aback for a second, Hawk rarely did anything for anyone other than himself it was definitely a strange thing for the most self-centred, unhuman, introvert to do but it was the nice kind of strange which made Alex smile.

“Last time I took your energy you revealed government secrets to my fiancées family.” Alex smiled.

“Yes… completely my mistake, I can’t turn my brain off when I’m drained so it just comes out.” James replied. “You’re just going to have to stop me from becoming a blabbering mess and if I decide I want to attack a demon or something please feel free to hit me.”
Alex laughed, when a none fade user touched the fade in any way it drained them of all consciousness that would knock a normal human out but for James it sent him into some sort of drunken state that was highly amusing to watch.

“We are in public though…people are going to start talking and you know how everyone out side of this friendship gets about it.” Alex sighed softly and held his hand out to the taller.

“It’s quite flattering don’t you think? That they are all worked up about us looking gay, gods if they knew how in love with a female you are they would assume you are holding my hand to humour me.  And gods if they knew me, I think they would think I’m married to my work and don’t get effected by human desires.” Hawk said his mind drifting to the girl with the red hair for a split second before joining his hand to the blond’s.

“James you don’t get effected by it, don’t you remember uh what was her name again? The blonde with the fangs?”

“Clark.” He frowned before he touched the side of his neck and remembered how her fangs scraped against it, Alex watched him do it, his head calming down thanks to the energy coming from Hawk.

“Ah yes Clark, she was a sight I’m surprised you didn’t go for her.” He smirked. “She tried so hard to get you to be even the slightest bit interested.”

James chuckled softly, “I don’t take kindly to having my neck bitten inappropriately besides she had a string of other lovers, if I was to ever find a suitable mate I would want someone loyal.” He shrugged the rain was pouring around them; it fell heavily against the ground making a surprisingly calming sound.

Alex smiled and looked at the cab that was making its way over to them; the rain hit the vibrant yellow paint and jumped from it in drops of sunlight making the Taxi stand bright against the dark setting. It made a small noise as it neared them like the beginnings of a potentially expensive problem.

“You never know it might be a werewolf trying to get to you next can you imagine?”

“I can picture it now.” The elder rolled his eyes before casting his gaze to the appalling yellow structure in front of him. Small creases formed along his perfectly straight nose making him look like a snarling animal. “Well my friend it looks like our chariot awaits”

Alex smiled and focused on the energy that was traveling through their bond, it was not unnatural for them to use it in that way it was one of its many functions and Alex found it extremely helpful during these kinds of missions.

 “Get in Alex.” Hawk said rubbing his eyes tiredly before opening the slightly rusted door of the now pulled up cab. The cab smelt of cigarettes and body odour, Alex scrunched his noise as he sat down, the seat was uncomfortable like sitting in a chair you would find in a business meeting and he swore he saw a curious white stain on it. Typical.

“Where to gentlemen?” The wrinkled cabby asked looking straight at their joined hands as they climbed into the Cab, his curios eyes going wide with acknowledgement. Alex felt James’s Emotions change to that of childishness.

Oh no…

James smirked, it took over his normally bored expression and gave his face a more human look; Alex saw the childlike amusement fill his honey irises.

“Ah my husband and I are here on our honeymoon, I can’t believe we finally get to see London.” Hawk said putting on his best feminine voice. Alex choked back a laugh and decided to play along with him.

 “We have reservations at one of the best hotels in the city.” Alex smirked pulling out a creased piece of paper that had been handed to him before he stepped on the train. “I don’t want him to know which one but could you take us to that address it would be wonderful.”

James looked at him playfulness filling his features; it had been too long since he had seen that look on his friends face. James had had a rough few months due to their last Case they took together, it seemed to knock his emotions slightly and make him only a shell of what he used to be.

“Oh I see, this is a very good choice sir the honeymoon suite there is wonderful,” The cabbie said turning to the front of the cab.

“See even this man agrees on the hotel.” Alex grinned and ruffled Hawks wet curls, he was glad he had placed a small glamour on their clothes because looking at James now he could see where the demon acid has melted the fabric away and left his pale skin out for show. He looked at his friend’s face; as much as the mask of childishness tried to hide it, he looked tired. One of the drawbacks to their bond was that power transfers always made them both tired. He remembered the time they both fell asleep in the middle of a case and got themselves captured by hungry ghoul’s… best to say Alex stayed clear of jobs involving the creatures after that.

Hawk leant his head against the window; his body became slack as he watching the busy city pass by in a blur of colours as they drove. The steady hum of the engine and the low volume of the radio accompanied them offering small noise in the space of silence. Alex pulled out his phone and looked at the miss calls he had off his fiancé. He glanced at his friend for a second he looked to be almost asleep, his eyes narrowed with tiredness and his stubble covered lips slightly parted, shallow breathes coming out and making the window steam up near his mouth. Alex smiled slightly before calling his beloved back.

“Alexander!” She greeted happily it made him smile to hear her voice.

“Hello Sarah, we just arrived in London I thought I would give you a call.”

“Was everything okay? James didn’t try and kill anyone on the train?” She said irritation filling her words it made Alex sigh; it was always like that a conflict between his best friend and his lover.

“He was fine; we had a run in with a green band nothing particularly special.”


Hawk had almost forgot about that she devil Alex called fiancé until he heard her nasally fake voice down the end of the phone thinking he couldn’t hear as she spat his name. No doubt Alex believed he was sleeping he almost wished he was but something was nagging away at his mind something the Gluttony had said to him in its grit like voice.

“Son of lion? Little black mane with cursed gold eyes.” The way he had said it had made the Hairs on his arms rise in protest to the demons sound and made his lightning spark wildly against his restraints. His head hurt, thinking whilst trying to transfer power was not the best of ideas.

 He sighed and watched the people dash around on the sidewalks; like ants working hard to keep their colony alive, he noted that his vision was getting particularly worse as Alex took his strength it made the outlines of the buildings look fuzzy and undetailed like the graphics of an old computer game. As the taxi rolled to a stop due to the morning’s traffic, Hawk noticed something out the corner of his eye.  Through the busy atmosphere of the city, a girl with black hair stood perfectly still like a stone stature. She seemed normal enough, tall, thin shaped and almost pretty if it wasn’t for the fact her face resembled that of a demon, its pincer like mouth dripping with venom. She tilted her head and watched the detective, her eyes completely black with that horrid rim of red surrounding the iris. Hawk found that no matter how well demons glamoured themselves their eyes never changed. It almost looked like it was grinning as it beckoned the detective closer. Even if he was suddenly a lot weaker, a small part of his mind began to work. Its curiosity eating away at the rational part of his brain.

The Detective glanced at Alex who was too busy trapped in conversation to care what Hawk did; he could practically see the worship coming from the younger as he spoke to his designated female. He quickly removed his palm from the youngers, feeling to calming power of their bond slip away and opened the cab door. The rain was coming down with less intensity than before however, he could still feel the wildness in which the stormy weather brought upon his psyche, the air was filled with the smell of damp and car fumes and the ground seemed to have a shine to it where a thin layer of wetness covered to concreate. Without a second glance at his smitten friend, Hawk took off after the now running demon.


Alex felt the pressure leave his hand; it made him turn his head toward his partner who was quickly exiting the cab and running off down the street.

“Oh for goodness sakes, Sarah I’m going to have to call you back, James is having a moment I love you,” He said before hanging up.

“Sorry mate,” He offered a ten to the cabbie. “Could you wait here for five, he does this a lot.” He sighed before jumping out the cab after his friend.


Hawk ran down the street, his movements off balance and almost drunk like, the demon must have picked up on his obvious weakened state as it had brought them to a clearing that had only one exit which was the way they came in. The clearing was small, not really a place He wanted to do battle, white flats loomed over the area shielding it from the worst of the rain and by the looks of them, they looked to be abandoned. He had to give the demon credit she was smart to bring him to an uninhabited spot. He noted the tag sprayed on the wall across from him, it was written in a strange bubbly kind of way that did not fit the meaning of the words it spelled out.

“Death to all who stand against the power.”

He sighed and pushed back the urge to critique the unoriginality of the tag. To the left of the tagged wall was a skip rusted and abandoned, neglect spilled from it in a subtle sadness it coated the ally in a dark cloak of misery. Piles of rubbish stacked up against it giving off a fait smell of decay. The demon must be some sort of ghost if brought them to a place like this, they fed off the energy of deselect places and spots of loss. Something must have happened here.

“Look at you already working out the scene, should I spare you the brain ache?” She giggled as she came into view running a clawed hand against the almost dry brick wall of the abandoned flat, small bits of mould were beginning to form on the white building.

“You see there once was a girl who knew too much about the other world,” the Demon began beads of venom laced saliva dripping from her mewl as she spoke. “Scared that she was going insane she ran away from home and lived on the streets however, a particular day like this one she took shelter from the rain in an ally like this but she wasn’t alone. A knife to the throat was all it took to put out her mortal flame…funny really now nimble humans are, your friend could die just as easily but you noo you would take longer to kill.” She said flatly turning her face to him.

 He watched her she moved with clumsy almost held back movements as if she was merely toying with him.

“What is with you demons today? I’ve been in London five minutes and this is what I get I must be a celebrity of something” He smirked, his gold eyes now sparked with fire “so do you come here often?”

She giggled at him, it was a strange sort of sound that would fall into the uncanny valley if one were not accustomed to it however, Hawk had faced this kind of creature before.

“A phantom,” He smiled. “A Phantom influenced by a demon so now you’re a wraith, my how curious, tell me did it hurt when you changed into…that.” He gestured to her face.

“You are cocky aren’t you,” She giggled moving closer, her moments had changed. She moved with ease like a boat through calm water. He watched the way the glamour melted from her form leaving a skinny creature wearing nothing but rags of its former clothes. Its skin bleached white and sickly looking like old leather, a jagged scar ran from ear to ear, its black eyes were glowing slightly against its hollowed and chapped face and hawk felt the sudden pressure change as it began building its power. He moved slightly to keep his balance; his head was spinning.

“I like to think so.”

The girl laughed and lunged at the detective, her mouth opening to revel four huge pincers layered with rows of teeth all laced with deadly venom, it somewhat resembled that of a spider.  Hawk called upon his lightning it came to him with nothing more than a static buzz.

Damn It, he sighed before moving clumsily out of the way from her attack. His power was weak meaning he had to use mundane weapons to send it back, that was tediously annoying for him he preferred to get things over quickly and not have to result to a small dagger. Pulling his hunting dagger out from under his coat, he sighed and pointed it to her the rain made the handle wet and harder to hold.

The corrupt Phantom attacked again, an arm reaching out to slice hawks flesh, the detective blocked with his knife, his balance slightly off making it a weak block. He could feel the blade slipping from hold and she almost knocked it from him when a golden sword came through her chest. The Phantom screeched before going silent Hawk watched her no blood leaked from the wound.

“Alex look out it’s a clone.” He shouted moving in front of the younger, his blade hitting the oncoming attack from the wraith. His head throbbed with the sudden movement and tiredness seeped into his attacks.


“Shush stop talking; you need to be watchful wraiths can duplicate themselves.” Hawk spoke in a commanding tone. He looked around the area mapping it out the best he could with his impaired eyesight. He remembered back to the book he read on Wraiths, quickly he scanned through the pages in his mind till he came to the one about their weaknesses.

“Alex turn your blade to silver, if you can it reacts with their blood like a werewolf.”

Alex nodded,

“Don’t get hit by its claws or fangs, the venom it has causes hallucinations worse than any wound.” He stumbled slightly it was becoming a pain for him to be standing. “Let’s do this quickly I don’t want to be stood up much longer.”

“Detectiveeeee,” Its voice called, it sounded everywhere at once confusing the detective in his weakened state.

“Where is the key?” it giggled seeming closer to him now “I know you have it”

Hawk looked around a missed of red was beginning to cover the clearing. He glanced at Alex who was clutching his sword tightly; Hawk stepped back and pressed his back to Alex’s

“Relax only one of them will be real.”

“Oh thanks James that’s helpful.” He frowned.

It moved fast through the haze, Hawk had barely any time to react as it struck his blade; he spun into it plunging his dagger into its heart, the Wraith screeched and turned into ash. He frowned as more moved in on them.

“Come on detective,” She cooed softly. “All I want is the key,”

“For god’s sake I’ve only been here five minutes,” he hit another “do you honestly think I would have it already?” He moaned thrusting his blade into another’s chest.

“James now is not the time for you to be arguing!” Alex shouted blocking an attack; Hawk moved with Alex and took the wraith clone out.

“This is tedious why don’t you come play I’m eager to see you red ghost.” He grinned, his eyes flashing dangerous gold even Alex felt a little intimidated by him.

“Awh how did you know who I was? Was it the haze?” She sighed, her voice becoming childish and pouty Hawk rolled his eyes and prepared to list the flaws she had in concealing who she was.

“Not now James.” Alex snapped knowing the look the elder wore on his face.

“You two are cute.” She giggled, “Unfortunately, I can’t hang out anymore my master needs me but I’ll be seeing you both again I’m sure I know you have the key I need it before that dog finds it.” A pause “I’m very eager to taste your blood detective; I wonder will it be black or red?”

With that the street became silent, the haze of red lifting leaving both detectives alone. Hawk began to feel the tiredness of using his bond mark and fell to his knees.

“Why do they think I have the key yet?” He said his words slurring slightly.

“I don’t know…” Alex said before slapping the side of his head “don’t run off again you idiot what if I hadn’t come huh?”

Hawk offered a grim smile before flopping on the floor his head spinning with thoughts and doziness taking over. “Sleepy.”

Alex sighed and pulled his friend up, it was a good thing James was skinny otherwise he would have had a lot more of a struggle getting him to the cab.


Peering out from under the heap of rubbish she watched as the two detectives departed from the ally, the small metal shard that rested against her caramel skin pulsed, desperately trying to get to the curly haired man. 

Finally, after years of searching, she had found him.

The End

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