Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3 hatred of rain


Dawn hated the rain, it was cold and it was wet. She hated the way it rolled off her hair and down her cheeks, she hated the way it soaked her clothes and she hated how it always seemed to be raining when she left her apartment. The rain was definitely one of the reasons why she hated England. That and how they seemed to be living in a permanent arctic compared to the states. Dawn didn't particularly enjoy being cold, especially when she was in the middle of hurling heavy boxes of books up the rickety staircase of the old book store she worked in.


Sometimes she wished she got a job in a smiths store or even a Waterstones it would certainly be nicer working with the heating on and being in a friendly environment that didn't just consist of creepy old people who gave her cryptic stares. However, no matter how much she wished she worked in a more corporate store something about the little second floor bookstore had caught her attention. Maybe it was the oldness of the building; Dawn always had an eye for antique structures or maybe it was the scent of the old books that embraced her in a warm hold whenever she walked through the decaying red door. She didn't know why she chose to work here but over the years she found it had become like a second home.


Still the rain had become a pain, it made the plastic boxes slippery and hard to grip she couldn't count the amount of times she had slid on wet rusted stairs and cursed in annoyance at the sheer pain it was to do this every week. It was around that point that she decided the weather had it out for her, it always rained on delivery day however, this job made her happy and it was worth it for hours she could spend lost in a good book only occasionally having to look up to talk to a customer.


"Curse England and its shitty weather," she muttered dragging the boxes up the final step. The scent of wet wood swirled around her as she reached for the rusty door handle.

Forcing the old door to the bookstore open and stepping inside, Dawn noticed the man standing up against one of the bookshelves a copy of silence of the lambs in his hand.


"You know breaking and entering is a crime," she muttered moving her wet hair out of her eyes before dragging the boxes into the store, a pool of water accumulated at her feet, not that it mattered anymore her toes were already soaked and bitterly cold.


The man glanced at her and smiled, he was good looking, regal almost, wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a black waistcoat and stark black trousers that went with his expensive designer looking shoes, a thin red tie tucked neatly between his collars. He looked as if he had just stepped out of a display unit. However, something did not quite seem right with him like a moth disguised as a leaf he was hiding something which made the mark on her palm buzz against her skin.


"Now now Dawn, It's not breaking and entering if I used a key." The man smirked producing a small key from his pocket and dangling it in front of her soaked form. His voice rich and laced with power.


"Fairly easy to come by if you know what you're looking for." Dawn picked up the double meaning to that sentence and walked over to her desk, piles of books rested on the smooth oak surface they brought light to the dim store with their shades of every colour. Her tumbler of now cold coffee looking out of place amongst the oldness of the room.


She carefully moved a pile off the desk and began to sort them into sections so they could be shelved, the mark on her hand pulsed as she worked a subtle reminder if whom she was in the room with.


It had taken her a year or so to learn where everything was, the shelves was a maze of knowledge from different genres by different people and with the only light source the shop had to offer being the old red door and the two paint chipped windows which overlooked a view of a dismal and grey part of city. The greyness of the city tended to leave a particularly bleak atmosphere to the store that Dawn only combated through her love of the books that took residence in this old rickety shop.


"The serpent showed her face in the city this morning, I wanted to go hunt later if you don't mind me doing so?" Dawn said her green eyes meeting with his almost black ones, the rims of his irises glowing a subtle red. They exchanged silent words before Dawn turned away and continued putting[DK1]  away the books. She was on edge the thought of one of her targets running loose in the city got under her skin she needed to finish the hunt soon.


"Indeed." The man nodded, small strands of black hair escaped and softly caressed his tanned cheek. He paced the length of the room, book still in hand the aura of power radiating from him threatened to suffocate Dawn in a cloud of supremacy. He ran a talloned finger across the tops of the dust-covered books.


"Dusty place you have here you should really clean up more." He glanced at her his eyes giving off an undertone of aggression aimed at the red head. "It is a tedious task having to clean up after you."


The air reeked of his power; it called to Dawn almost forcing her to submit. She felt the beginnings of her fangs push against her gums. She set the book she was holding down and turned to him, he was not looking at her anymore he was more interested In the Sherlock Holmes book that he had plucked from one of the shelves; dust and oldness had worn the leather cover.


"After you have finished your little hunt I have a task for you," He said calmly it made the hair on her arms stand on end and her stomach to knot with anticipation.




Moving away from the books the man sighed. "I think you will enjoy it, it will appeal to that demon side of yours I know how much it enjoys stalking its prey," he paused that creepy smile plastered on his face again. "And it involves the key we have all be looking for. I already have someone out looking for it but I am not holding out much hope with her wraiths are impossible to work with. You on the other hand are a formidable hunter and an even better assassin."


He watched her for a second, the grin seeming more eerie than before "I loved the way you hid the blade between the books for easy access it's very good of you to still want me dead."


He stepped closer to her his eyes watching her with intelligence working out every way she could do damage to him. He moved with the sort of grace you would associate with a king leading his men into battle, intimidating and powerful. Dawn resisted the urge to lower her head at the sheer sight of him however, she wasn't your average half demon and so she held her head proudly locking eyes with the man.


"I told you one day I will kill you," She said lowly, her voice a subtle nervousness.


"And I have no doubt you will," he smirked and patted her red hair. "But for now..." He moved behind her, a talon thrust against her pale neck. "You're going to have to work harder."


Dawn growled, her gums throbbed as her fangs threatened to push through the taught skin, she could smell the anxiety coming from her that only fuelled the need to attack the man.


"I suggest you back off."


"Ooh have I angered you pup." He chuckled close to her ear, she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, it made her cringe. "I own you; I have a contract with you signed in blood."


Dawn growled once more, this one more of a warning than the last, she could feel her body changing, preparing to shift. The man realised her and laughed lowly.


"Now, there's no need for that is there?"


Dawn closed her eyes and pushed back the power allowing herself to calm before she spoke.


"You have made a point Sebastian now leave, I will fulfil any task you set me but currently I want to sink my fangs into your throat therefore I'm not the best of company to be with right now."


Sebastian watched her for a moment before turning away.


"I'll be in touch my little wolf." He nodded before walking towards the door.

Dawn almost let out a breath of relief as she thought he would leave but instead he turned and looked at her square in the eyes. 

"You should be more careful next time ... anyone can get in here." And with that pulled open the red bowing mess of a door and walked out.


Dawn watched the door for a minute, still on edge from the almost change she just had suddenly sitting alone in a dark bookstore all day did not seem all that appealing. She quickly grabbed her things before heading out the red door and back into the rain.

The End

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