Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2 glutton for punishment

The body hit the ground with a low thump as a black bladed dagger pulled from its split chest. The blood clung to the blade in droplets of crimson that glowed in the light of the nearby fire; it turned the blood a metallic shade that stood out in the dark setting. The wielder glanced down at the body, its face masked with a pale wolf mask that was highlighted with gold. Strands of ruby fell softly against its material that looked almost out of place in the harshness of the vision.

"Oh my, you had fun didn't you?" A voice cooed. It was male and laced with power. The sound of the voice seemed to have profound effects on the red haired figure. Hawk could not decide whether it was fighting against itself or the voice.

"Look at all the mess you made, you have blood down your new top." The way he spoke sounded like a parent scolding a child. The masked figure seemed to stiffen a small growl leaking from under the mask.

"You're so disobedient," He sighed after not getting the response he was looking for. "How many of them did you kill this time?"

"Not many... but one day you will join them." It spoke in a dark tone, turning towards the voice, daring to lift its head up and look into the eyes of its superior. "And I'll do it slowly."

 Hawk noted that the figure was female and gave himself a small praise for being right about the assumption.

The male speaker made an impatient sound before speaking. "I look forward to it, for now however you are bound to me with the contract you so willingly signed." His voice was laced with amusement. "And if you step out of line once again you will join that brother of yours, we all remembered what happened to him. Now come along we have work to do"

The masked girl let out what seemed to be a snarl before she trudged over to where the voice supposedly was. As she moved her head lifted to the air, like how a wolf would smell for the scent of prey; it was graceful and almost out of character for girl with all her swagger and darkness. Her body seemed to tense as she caught glance at him, it was as if she could see him. Hawk thought this to be impossible visions like these usually made him see through the eyes of someone else not to be in them in person, it made the sparks of his curiosity jump-start, he needed to explore more of this strange vision.

"Did you find anything about the key?" The hidden male voice spoke proudly; he could tell that it was some distance away from the girl leading Hawk to believe he was taking the lead in this stroll.

She did not seem at all bothered by the question, in fact, it made her turn her attention away from his spectating gaze and walk with a sort of arrogance that seemed to be a mockery of invisible voice. If hawk could see her face, he knew she would have been smirking.

"Some ones getting desperate," She spoke in a singsong voice. "As a matter of fact I did."

He must have stopped; the sound of his footsteps had died giving way to the gentle crackle of the fire.

"Tell me what you found." He demanded.

The girl was dripping with arrogance, it showed in the way she pushed her shoulders back to square herself and look more threatening.

"Now, why would I do a thing like that?" Her masked head tilted to the side; flame red hair spilling over the edge of her obscurity showing only a small amount of pale skin from her neck to her ear.

The invisible man cursed under his breath and his footsteps began again. The girl chuckled in response before turning her masked attention back to the detective. She had a certain aura too her which practically spelled out the word "Dangerous" but hawk couldn't take his eyes off her, she was a marvel, an enigma that he could only hope to solve.

"I didn't know you could get into my head without being around me, I must of miss calculated your power range...silly Me." she spoke; it seemed to be within his head and not out in the open. Her tone was neutral and a hit of an accent danced behind the words like shadow lingering behind its host.

She turned from him, her red hair flicking behind her in thick red spikes. Hawks curiosity burned under his skin and pulled him after the flame haired female. He took in the way she walked it was as if she was stalking prey, shoulders back and head raised slightly it hinted at aristocracy and proper elegance that Hawk had only seen in the woman his mother thrust at him at her solstice parties.

"You know this is the third time your ruined my plans." The male voice spoke abruptly pulling Hawk out of his thoughts.

"Here I thought you liked a little rebellion." she shrugged, her movements turning childish and uncaring.

"You’re lucky I practice patience,” A sigh. "Otherwise you would have not walked away without punishment for how you are addressing me, my dear wolf girl.”

"Scary," She said making a scared gesture with her hands before she pulled her mask up to reveal her painted black lips, they were pulled into a smirk. She stuck her tongue out at him in a childish manner.

When this did not prompt a response from the voice, she sighed.

"Oh come on corvus, I couldn't help but show off, humans are so fragile it was far too easy for me to take them out…I couldn’t help myself." She sighed. "As for your information you will get it when I do my write up...I don't trust this place."

The voice grumbled something Hawk couldn’t’ quite hear and walked away.

Her head turned back to hawk; with the mask up, he could see the small smear of freckles that spotted near where the bridge of her nose would be. She took a small step forward then checked to see if the invisible man was watching. Deeming it safe, she walked over to him. Her movements covered with arrogant swagger.

"So I do wonder," She spoke looking him up and down. "How did you manage to get into my head without being near me?" the purr of her voice was alluring, hypnotic almost.

 Curiously clouded any comprehension on reality he once had, he was completely enticed by the sight of her up close and took a step forward. A sheet of porcelain skin that looked so fragile that it would break if he were to touch it hid under her mask. She stood with power that radiated off every section of her body daring the detective to try to attack. The fragileness of her skin seemed out of place against the raw power she was emitting. It reminded him of a flame, beautiful to look at but deadly to touch. Hawk liked deadly things and stepped closer to her.

"Ah ah detective, you have already lingered here for too long," She tilted her head. "Time to get out." She moved as quick as wild fire hitting him with some invisible force that knocked the air out of his lungs, this altered his vision leaving him in alone in the clearing.

Hawk stumbled back gasping for air, confusion becoming dominate in his vastly growing string of thoughts. His brain was working too fast; desperately trying to work out what had just happened, how had she managed to push him from the memory?

Darkness began to sneak up in the corners of his eyes.

"James come back your bleeding, come back." A voice called out to him, He could feel something clinging to his arm not cold like the memory but warm, real and human.

The darkness was closing in quicker now.

"I'm not losing you to this James, wake up." There was more urgency in this call; Hawk felt something tense inside him like the rope on an anchor as it hit the ocean floor.

The room spun as Hawk snapped back into reality. Bile rose in his throat it burned and left a foul taste in his mouth.

"Alex open a window I'm going to puke!" Was all he managed to say before the acidic tasting stomach fluid gathered in his mouth and he threw up the contents of his insides. His arms shook as he tried to pull himself up and away from his vomit; however it was to no end. He coughed weakly, his lungs still burning from the hit he took from the masked's power.

Alex moved from his seat and placed a hand on his back, gently rubbing it to try and comfort his friend. Hawk made a sound of displeasure. He hated the sheer mundaneness of the situation it made him feel weak and helpless. He felt Alex's slightly sweaty hand against his skin, pulling back the loose curls that hung in dark ringlets around his face. Hawk cast his gold eyes at the younger man. Stress and worry was present on his sun-kissed face making small frown lines appear on his forehead and around his eyes. This always happened after a vision.

Tremendous headaches, sickness that left the detective feeling like a hollowed out shell and bleeding from the orifices or, more specifically, bleeding from his eyes and nose. He remembered Alex muttering something about the visions putting strain on the brain, thus causing his body to detox. It was a good enough explanation for it however Hawk was unconvinced. Something was blocking his power from working efficiently and he could not for the life of him figure out what it was. He felt another wave of nausea hit him and promptly turned away to spew up what he felt was his intestines, washing out any thoughts he just had on his current situation.

"It's okay James let it all out," Alex spoke softly, rubbing circles on his back. "That one was bad you were gone for a while I was worried. Our link was quiet as well it hasn't been like that in a long time."

Hawk lifted his head, his eyes felt like the banks of the river that was about to burst. He could smell the metallic scent of his blood as it slowly tricked from his nose and down the slope of his lips. Alex brought a crisp white tissue to his nose and began to dab away at the blood.

"There's a girl," The elder spoke, his lungs still aching. "We need to find her, she pushed me out of her mind... how could she do that?" he was talking with his hands, his eyes full of curiosity "I think she's linked to Pandora's key." Alex was not paying too much attention to him he was more focused in dabbing the rouge from his ivory skin.

Hawk made a sound of annoyance.

"This is important Alex stop doing that I'm fine," Hawk protested waving Alex away from his face.

"Gods, James you were out for half an hour, you know any longer than ten minutes it starts hurting you but you're more concerned about a girl? We can look into it later you're hurt and you look like you're going to be sick again."

The detective had zoned out of the conversation, he was still trying to get his bearings back and had no time to deal with Alex's tedious lectures. He needed to know how the girl blocked him out it had never happened before and right there he felt the spark the wild curiosity he got before he conducted an experiment, he needed to know.

 Hawk stood up and looked around, his head spinning and his stomach preparing to bring up more of this morning's train food, and he deduced that he needed air. As he moved over to an open window something flickered out of the corner of his eye, years of training had made his eyesight sensitive to the slightest of movements and he cast his gaze in that direction. The smell hit him first like the rotting flesh of a battlefield after a war; it rubbed itself along every sensory neurons in his nose allowing him to smell it at full potency. He Scrunched his nose and took a step forward, the world seemed to teeter causing him to grip the warn fabric of the seat next to him for support.

"Oh, didn’t take long for them to find me.” He chuckled feeling a small tingle of static form in the palm of his hand. “Alex, I believe we have company.”

Alex looked confused for a moment as his eyes scanned the carriage. His senses were not as advanced as Hawks but there was no denying the stench when it hit his nose. Hawk watched as his nose creased in disgust.

"Bloody hell that is disgusting!" Alex moaned. Hawk felt the warm glow of his glamour come up around them; this prevented the humans from noticing any abnormality. Hawk scanned the area which was cased in rich gold, it seemed ordinary with its stained red carpet floor that had bits of gum stuck to it and its impossibly decayed seats however, the stillness of it all left a sort of eerie sensation at the base of his skull, the kind of feeling you get when somethings watching you. These were common signs that the demon was near especially a demon such as this. A Gluttony as he preferred to call them that over their proper name of Gula, were large beings which consumed any living thing it could get its grub like arms on. They were known to have a pungent stench due to their digestive system being its outer layer protection and their scents ranged from decaying flesh to rotten eggs depending on what it had eaten. Hawk was excited; he last fought a gluttony when he first moved to Edinburgh. He shuddered at the memory of the swollen creature engorging itself on cattle in a farm close to one of the vale riffs. They served as an opening between the human and demon realm. Needless to say he wasn’t impressed with the organisation for not closing it before.

“James, my power is low.” Alex spoke pulling him away from the scene; Hawk took him in and quickly assessed how much power he could use before he became critical.

“Go long range and be my defence, focus more of your power on securing the glamour… You know how tedious humans get.”

Alex looked at him a bit gone out which made the detective roll his eyes.

“I’m quite alright Alex, we have faced higher band demons in worse states tha-” He was cut off by a thick purple, tentacle like limb wrapping itself around his waist and dragging him to the other side of the carriage. Hawk struggled against it to reach for the small dagger that was attached to his belt. The acid coating the appendage began to burn into his clothing leaving stiff, burnt holes in his clothing before seeping to his skin. Wincing with the sudden pain, he gripped the hilt of the dagger with his sweat-laced hand and quickly manoeuvred it to fit comfortably within his palm.

Moving to land a hit provided difficult, every time he thought he had leverage on the reeking feeler he would slip against the slick acid laced filth. He closed his eyes allowing himself a second to gain his composure; he needed to think logically about how to get out of this with minimal damage, he could feel the sting of the acid engrave itself into the skin of his abdomen. If he carried on like this, he would be dissolved.

Opening his eyes he took in the surroundings, rows of booths on either side of him sectioned off by strong looking beams of old oak. He glanced at the dagger in his grasp and then back at the beam, at that moment an idea seeded itself within his mind.

“Alex!” He shouted, “If it recoils cover me!”

His voice had changed from his normal aloof tone to one of commanding making the deliverance of instructions easier for the younger to understand. Flipping the blade in his hand, he struck out against the beam and gripped tightly. The tentacle strained against him like an elastic band being pulled, Hawk felt the dagger beginning to pull out from the wood with the force the demon was yanking at him, he prayed it would last long enough for him to get out of the grip. Hawk began to wiggle his hips to ease himself from the hold and with one last tug on the demons end; he came free pulling a mass of purple fluid with him.


He landed with a roll; the sound of a flying arrow whizzed past his ears and struck a rather large purple mass that had been slowly gaining ground on the floored detective. The demons shrieked and slivered away to hide itself.

Hawk looked up at Alex and offered a thankful smile before rising to his feet, he took note on his injuries, small laceration to left hip, minimal blood loss, definite bruising in the long run. Irritated skin along arms and ribs that would require ointment but nothing serious.

"Eat you, get key ." A low rumble of a voice made itself apparent, Hawk couldn't pinpoint where it came from as it sounded like it was everywhere at once.

 "He said you could find key, but he never said you would smell so… mouth-watering." Its voice was like mud, thick and gritty it made the detective cringe at the sound of it.

"I’m flattered you think that.” He smirked, his eyes taking note on all the possible places the demon could be hiding. They focused on the small metal ventilation compartments that ran down the side of the train; it must have slipped into there like dirt down a drain. “Now what is a demon such as you doing on a dingy little train to London?”

"Master," the demon begun, as Hawk predicted its brownish purple slime covered limbs creeped through the ventilation in serpent like shapes; they dripped in the acidic substance that burned into the wooden floor. "Wants the key, you know where its fragments are…you smell good, like the vale the demon blood is strong in your veins."

Hawk now in full fight mode noticed the limb before the creature had time to strike; he pulled his silver blade with the copper edges out from his side and sliced through it with ease leaving a brownish purple gloop to splatter on the floor, the appendage still contracting and moving with its dying spasms. He jumped back, away from the purple stain that was eating its way through the floor of the train and glanced at Alex. The man’s face was shining with perspiration more than likely due to the strain of power forcing itself on his already worn body. He clutched a shimmering bow in his hands; it shone a brilliant silver that looked almost like fire.

 Angel fire? That is new. Hawk thought to himself; Angel fire was one of the more powerful weapons the Organisation had to offer, it burned any unholy creature with a vengeance, only ceasing when the wielder commanded it to stop. Alex did not have authorisation to use it yet so it was quite surprising for Hawk to see him with it.

“They gave me the right before we set off; He pulled back his dark coloured flannel shirt to revel a silver mark just above his wrist. It looked like an angel feather and stood brightly against his caramel skin.

“Fancy.” Hawk grinned a cat like smile before leaping back away from another disgusting feeler. The way he moved was nothing to him, it had been jammed into his head through years of training to the point his muscle memory knew where to move before his own brain did. He danced with the tentacle in a ballad of war, his power pulling from the deps of his soul and moving swiftly around his body.

A scintillating arrow came into his line of vision and struck the problematic appendage with a blinding silver light that erupted into to flames. They licked up the tentacle and the smell of burning flesh dispersed into the air causing both Hawk and Alex to hastily cover their noses. The demon screeched a horrid sound that echoed off the wooden walls of the carriage as if a pig had been crossed with some sort of bird and slivered back down the ventilation with its limb still burning.

Hawk turned to Alex a smirk playing on his lips.

"A little over kill don't you think?"

"None sense you’re just getting slow." Alex smirked back drawing another Arrow form the air in front of him. "Think you can keep up?"

The demon moaned in an animalistic way that caused the hairs on the detective’s arms to raise, Adrenaline burst through his veins along with his buzzing power. He gripped the blade tighter in his grasp and allowed his erratic power to seep into copper layering the sides of the blade. They began to glow a brilliant blue and sparks danced along them to the sound that resembled a thousand birds.

The demon attacked again with another long limb Hawk Dodged, spinning round and slicing the limb that thrust itself at the bow wielding  detective. He chuckled as it crumbled to the ground in a dying motion, small sparks of blue still dancing across the skin.

"This is becoming tedious,” Hawk began pushing the curls away from his eyes, “How many tentacles do you expect me to cut off before I forcefully pull you from that ventilation shaft?”

The demons laugh echoed through the vents, it was a deep grumbling laugh that shuck the whole carriage. Hawks eyes watched the vents closely, his eyes scanned for any movement the demon might display.

"When I get you I'm going to devour you slowly!" The demon laughed, its huge gruesome form

now fully emerging out of the vents, balls of horrid slim congealing to form the demons body, waves of purple brown sludge moved around against its form as if it was alive, its mouth huge and endless and when it was open it looked like the void, a black hole waiting to devour the detective. The stench, which came from it, was worse than before a blend of rotting flesh and waste from god knows what.

"Oh bloody hell." Alex said covering his nose.

The demon attacked again this time using its huge mass to put weight behind the attack, Hawk jumped back, his eyes like molten fire carefully assessing its movements to make sure he could always have an opening for escape if needed. His Blade hummed in his hold willing him to attack. He spun it in his palm before bringing it against the flesh of the demon, black poisonous looking blood spilled from the laceration and pooled on the ground.

The demon bellowed its horrid sound and hurled its mass toward him. Hawk shifted back to avoid the attack, his feet landed on a patch of wood which didn’t feel right to him, he glanced down and saw the purple sludge which had been eating the floor from his previous attack. He attempted to move out of the way however, his foot seemed to have sunk into the bowing wood leaving him stuck. He quickly pulled his blade up to protect his body from the attack but it was to know end. The beast’s feeler struck him; the force of it ripped him from the damaged flood and sent him flying back into the wall behind him with a low thump.

"JAMES!" Alex shouted worry filling his voice.

Pain ripped through his body and a thin line of blood dripped from his curled head, it stood out bright against his pale exterior. He winced as he pushed himself from the now dinted wood his whole body hurt; He really was out of practice.

 "That," He said blowing a curl out of his eyes "Really hurt."

He glanced at Alex who had now positioned himself between him and the creature, a protective shield surround them. Hawk felt the familiar presence of their bond power serge between them. He drew from it helping boost his own energy and heal his wounds.

"Are you hurt?" Alex asked straining against the attacks the demon was placing on the shield.

"No more than usual." James replied feeling the static energy of his lightning dance across his fingers. He called for his blade not remembering dropping it, the blade came swiftly to his palm and amplified his lightning.

"Drop the shield or it will burn you out, get behind the demon find its weak spot I'm almost certain it's on the back of its neck hit that and it will weaken the beast." He said in a commanding tone. "I'm going to stun it and take out some of its appendages you will have a small window of time to get to its weakness".

Alex looked at him sceptically that made Hawk let out an impatient sigh.

“Trust me I’m fine.” He pointed to the wound on his head that was slowly starting to clot “it’s already healing.” He gave him a warm smile before turning to the demon.

 Alex stared at him for a second before nodding and released the shield.

 Hawk jumped in front of Alex and blocked as soon as the shield dropped, the putrid slime covered the silver leaving purple stains on its shiny body. Hawk groaned.

 "I just polished it!"

 He frowned and moved with double speed to attack the demon, his stained blade spitting blue lightning as he descended ever closer to the beasts form. The blade hit home sending lighting through the demon. He did not hesitate and moved with heightened speed attacking the demon from all angles before finally landing a paralyzing blow. The blade could temporally paralyze low-level demons if it hit with the correct amount of force, so in the short window of time he had to make sure he did the most damage. Spinning on his feet hawk attacked the blade slicing the demons flesh as easily as a knife through butter, black blood spilling from the wounds. The lightning coming from Hawks blade surrounding him like a cloak it made him look god like.


 Alex rolled his eyes at his friends performance, he was too much of a show off even in an injured state he was cocky. He snuck round behind the demon as it stood frozen, sparks of James’s blue lightning danced across its body. Alex rested his bow across his back and created a dagger made from angel fire, it burnt aggressively in his hand and sung a song that resembled a battle cry; he was too low on power to make anything as fancy as James’s lightning blade so angel fire would have to do. He glanced at the back of the demon, it was just as monstrous as the front however, this side of the demon was covered in human faces with each one representing a soul the demon had consumed. It was eerie to look at they all looked like they were in pain. Fighting the urge to be sick Alex searched for the demons weak spot; he had to do it without touching the demons skin.


The demons movement started coming back; it quickly grabbed for the elder detective, its limbs contouring with pain black blood mixed with the purple acid. Hawk smirked dodging the appendage and stabbing his blade down into it pinning it in place. The creature hissed violently at him, it made him smirk more and twist the blade deeper into its flesh.

"Son of lion, little black mane with cursed gold eyes." It purred the pain gone from its voice. "You are a mortal version of that blasted demon."

Hawk was about to say something when a fountain of black liquid spilled from the creatures back. It screeched and lashed out desperately trying to stop the substance leaving its body. He watched it closely seeing the blond detective clinging furiously to the demons body.

"James I've found his weak spot I need sodium chloride" Alex shouted breathlessly, "Hurry!" He was holding on with just one blade that was being swallowed slowly by the acidic purple mess of the demons body.

"Ooh nice" Hawk grinned.

Reaching for the small pouch tired around his waist hawk frowned, this was his supply of potions and demon-hunting tools of course he was low on everything. The chief detective of the London branch they were to be working for promised to provide them with all they would need when they arrived, Hawk was suspicious of this though so brought whatever he had left at home along with his blade. Finding the vial of sodium chloride hawk smiled, no matter how much he enjoyed fighting demons it was the way he had to work out how to send them back that made it worthwhile. It was a small achievement to know Alex and him were the only people who used table salt to return a demon.

"Catch." Hawk shouted pulling out the small vial of sodium he had left in his pouch and throwing it to Alex.

Alex caught it smiling; He knew it would work from his years of researching demons as he found the most effective way of dealing with a gluttony demon is to treat it as if the demon was nothing more than the common slug. It shared all the same properties one such as breathing through its skin and collecting moisture from the environment around it. This also meant it used osmosis to do this which meant that sodium chloride would react with the liquid coating of its body causing the water to be extracted as well as the demons deadly stomach acid leaving the demon dehydrated and weak. Hawk was smart with practical things but Alex knew he was better with the scientific side of detective work and without him; Hawk would not have nearly as much success as he had now.


"Your glamour is deterring Alex hurry it up!" Hawk called.


Alex sighed, he never had enough time to do things properly as much as James boasted about his skill he never did anything the way the organisation taught them, his patience was too low but Alex he liked everything to be precise which is why rushing something a complex as this annoyed him.


Hawk watched the demon as it struggled against the lighting blade.

"Oh do stop it I despise struggling it makes you look weaker than you actually are…you could of really avoided this." He gestured to the current situation the demon had found itself in. “I would of left you to carry on hunting but you had attack and now you’re a skewer, shame really.”

 "James don't stand there criticising the glamour is straining its bloody hurts you moron!" Alex shouted urgency creeping into his voice. Hawk could hear the pain riddling though his words, using his power when it was so low harshly effect you young man.

 Hawk glanced down at the demons struggling form, thick puddles of the blackish liquid pulsing from the wound.

 “You heard the man demon, Lets hurry this up,” He smirked. "your master who is he?" Hawk asked all ounce of humour drained from it.

 “I will catch you and I will enjoy ripping your flesh from your bones!" The gluttony demon growled

Hawk sighed in annoyance his patience running low, calmly he realised another wave of lighting through the swords that bit at the demons flesh, he did not allow it to harm the demon however, he needed it to scare him.

The demon screamed and thrashed against the lightning blade “He calls himself the raven king…He’s after Pandora’s key I’d don’t know anything else I swear!”

 Hawk closed his eyes, the pain had opened the demons mind he was able to slip in and find the raven king. The handy part to his power was that he could also get into minds if their walls were not strong enough.

 "There's a train coming into London from Edinburgh I want you to get on it and attack the detective when he gets close to London." A dark cold voice said, it was almost identical to the one he heard in the red haired girls vision. "Do try not to eat him; he’s rather important to me." 

"Sir I think I'm more suited for this job I make less mess..." A female voice sounded it was muffled as if it was covered by something.

"No you are to stay here I want to see how the detective reacts to a low levelled demon. I must make a hypophysis," The voice said. "Now go my little glutton go eat." Hawk could tell from the tone the voice was smiling however, the more he tried to look at the voices face the more resistant the gluttonies mind was.

Hawk pulled out of the demons mind still confused trying to work out just who the raven king was

Alex on the other hand jumped from the demons thrashing form and positioned himself between the joining of the roof beams allowing him to look down at the demons back. He saw the small section of split flesh where the bone of the demon was visible the detective spoke before the demon had the chance to notice him.

"I hope this works..." He worried tipping the contents of the vial onto the now exposed spot on the demons back.

The demon screeched once more its strange call moving the carriage with its intensity. Its huge mass thrashing, bubbling and twisting, the acidic scent of its body filling the carriage as thick rivers of black sludge poured out of the demons body using the last of his power Alex pulled a shield around himself protecting him from the flying bits of acid. Hawk moved out the way his new leather jacket getting acid on it typical really, he had only just bought the jacket thinking he would not run into anything until he was in London but apparently, the demon lord had it in for him and his fashion sense.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" It screamed repeating the words over and over as its body slowly folded into itself.

Hawk smirked summoning his lightning blade to his hand maybe it was wrong to enjoy this so much but with how annoying his life normally was being allowed to stretch his legs was a huge relief, it must be the same for Alex too as from his side of the bond excitement bubbled. It was not as if he was going to kill the demon… just send it back to the underworld.

"My name is James Hawk." He began lifting his blade above his head. "You can tell your master I said hi" and with that he brought he blade down splitting the demon in two, black blood sprayed everywhere.

"Well...that was a warm welcome to London,” Hawk smiled slightly out of breath. "Now I believe a change of clothes would be good."

Alex sighed his friend was a madman, completely and utterly insane.


The End

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