Chapter 1Mature

Chapter 1: November 9th 2009

Hawk had never been one for public transport so spending 6 hours on a train to London was incredibly annoying for him; having to listen to all these people talk about ordinary things hawk really didn’t care about yet they were just loud enough for him to get pulled into was enough to drive him mad. He wished he wasn’t so tired that way he could put his mind walls up and ignore them. Closing his eyes he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed this was the reason why he preferred to do all his work inside less noise and more silence to work with. The only reason he was here now was that his curiosity for this case got the better of him and he left a week before the scheduled date; the thought of demons infesting London looking for something called a Pandora’s key fascinated him.

  “The lone wolf of London,” A voice muttered from across the booth-bringing hawk out of his thoughts. “Sounds like a crappy super hero.”

Turning his head to the voice in question Hawk could see the humour spread across the man’s face, Alex Morgan a 26-year-old supernatural detective whom had signed a contract with Hawk years ago with promises of aid in battle. However, as much as Hawk hated to admit it, Alex had not only become his battle partner but his soul companion and dare he say best friend. He had shattered the dense wall of loneliness and offered a beacon of light in a world that Hawk only saw as dark.

“Probably some low level criminal who’s trying to show off nothing special.” Hawk said with an easy smile.

Leaning back in his chair Hawk watched the younger detective as he read the tattered newspaper.

“I’m more interested in this Red Ghost the police have been obsessing over. The amount of phone calls ive had about it was enough to drive me mad.” He flicked at a stray curl that had flopped down his face and sighed impatiently. “I highly doubt it’s a ghost though, ghosts don’t kill its more likely to be a demon and even more so one of the ones searching for Pandora’s key. We should look into it once we arrive and we should start taking cases if we are to stay in London we will need money. ”

“James, couldn’t we settle a little first? spend a day out and about getting to know London more id feel a little more comfortable about all of this if I at least knew the a basic layout of the city.” Alex said looking up at the other.

“No time you know it’s been what nearly three months since we went on a case I need to get started as soon as I’m able.” The elder detective said unable to control himself from creating a small amount of lightning that calmly slid over his fingers.

 Alex sighed and put the paper down in their line of work sightseeing was off the menu for them “You sure your up for this James?” Alex said a concern radiating of his words. “The last case…it-“

“I’m fine, I need this I need to get out of the house I felt trapped being in the same place and the new neighbours were driving me insane. All they ever spoke about is whether or not the other was sleeping around which they both clearly were bloody guilty couscous’s are the loudest ones especially since they both talk ever so loud to their friends about it on the phone. I had the good mind to go round there and set them straight.” Hawk huffed running his hand through his dark hair his amber eyes watching the younger detective as he tried to hold back a laugh.

 “It must be so hard,” Alex, laughed, “Maybe you should give up being a detective and become a relationship councillor ooh we could call you James Kyle.”

“Aha very funny,” Hawk fake laughed before smirking at the younger “you should be my body guard I’m sure you can bite at their ankles if they try and harm me.”

Alex frowned at Hawk that only made the elder laugh; a stray curl fell against his nose with the motion.

“Awh come on its not that bad being short at least woman think you’re “cute” Hawk laughed more.

“Oh shush you bloody crazed person you are the only one laughing.” Alex pouted going back to his newspaper.

Hawk shuck his head and looked out the window a chuckle still residing in his chest. The calm green countryside fields had given way to the industrial greyness of the city, and they would be approaching London soon. Hawk couldn’t wait to get off the train and stretch his legs, to be able to breath in the scent of a city once more instead of the smell of old fabric and the slight smell of something rotten that this train seemed to be emitting. He longed to back in London the place of his birth, to familiarise himself with the city again. To long had he been kept in the always-rainy Edinburgh where everything seemed to be stuck in medieval times with its spiral churches and hilltop castles. It wasn’t that he hated the beautiful county side that came with the medieval setting it was more of the fact he had cleared out all the higher tier demons and was left with the occasional ghoul or self-proclaimed vampire that only turned out to be some angsty kid with daddy issues. Sighing in annoyance, he glanced at his friend who was still reading the newspaper.

“You know I think this is the longest we’ve gone without that girlfriend of yours messaging you.” Hawk said shifting uncomfortably; he had been sat down too long.

“Is that a problem?” Alex replied his blue eyes watching the elder detective with ease. Hawk could tell by his expression that his friend was worried. He guessed the worry would be about him not accepting that incompetent girlfriend he had. Hawk was going to make a snide comment about her but thought it best not to get into an argument over the witch.

“Not at all it’s quite nice to sit with you and not have to be talking to your phone instead of your face” Hawk jested a smile playing on his lips.

Alex smiled and shuck his head “She’s not my girlfriend she’s my fiancé and you know if you bothered to have an interest in anyone other than yourself you would understand why I’m always talking to her.”

“Why would I do a thing like that? You forget I spend most of my time in a quiet village surrounded by people who believe a demon is stalking them because they were unfaithful and what I’ve grasped of relationships over the years of observing people is that they mostly end up badly plus they cloud your mind make it all mushy like yours. I’m quite glad I can’t hear your thoughts or I would go insane listening to you speak about it is enough to make my head throb,” He scrunched his nose up in distaste. “I just don’t see how you devout your time to her when you could be brushing up on your power I mean I know how troublesome it gets when you aren’t focused remember the  screwdriver incident?” Hawk chuckled.

“That was completely intentional we still managed to escape mostly unharmed…”

“Barely, I had a limp for weeks my leg still hurts when it gets to cold.”

“What about the water gun I got that one time… uh it was in the early days and we were after that rage demon…  I mean it was almost right?” Alex smirked.

“Apart from the fact it made its defence kick in and we got stuck in solidified demon lava which by the way burns when you are not protected.” Hawk replied.

“I did try and warn you.” 

The detectives laughed it had been awhile since they had laughed together like this. Without Alex’s whiny girlfriend complaining that Hawk creeped her out or the men from the organisation telling them off for being too childish on the job but The elder always told them that if they wanted him to do a good job they should leave him to act however he wanted.

“You could read? Do you not want to explore the wonders of literature once in a while?” Hawk said pointing to his book, which was resting on the table next to him; a leather bound copy of to kill a mocking bird. Alex looked in distaste and turned the page of his newspaper.

“Please don’t tell me you prefer the movies to the books...”

“Guilty” Alex smiled.

“You sir are missing out I mean of course the film has a lot more visual pleasure but a book…you could lose yourself in it you create the characters in your mind from words not from someone else’s perception, you grow attached to them. With a film you can only see what the creator can afford but with a book the worlds are as infinite as the mind anything is possible and the most wonderful thing about them is when your reading you become part of this whole different world where as most films you only get a dulled down version of it, where many scenes get taken out and your left with this shallow hollowed out version of a place you could only dream about.”  Hawk said he was talking with his hands trying to show Alex the images he was seeing in his head.

Alex watched the detective for a second before breaking out into laugher.

“James you are a strange one you know that right?  You didn’t have to go into that much detail about It.”

“I like detail” Hawk responded before turning his full attention to the younger detective. He looked drained; his blond hair messy, his clothes un ironed definitely had not enough sleep and the detective could feel his power reserve through the bond it was low. He glanced at his hand the silver twisting mark glowing softly against his skin; when he first received the mark he was baffled by the new feelings that attacked his body. He could feel the Youngers power, his pain and his joy but the mark did not just serve as a connection for them it had become an anchor to keep hawk grounded whenever he let his power take over. The mark stopped him from being stuck in his own mind giving him an escape route from the visions he gets and for that, he was thankful.

He was also thankful for having a friend when the visions got too bad for him, the past few years had been a struggle they happened randomly some about the memories he could not retain like his childhood that had disappeared into the dense darkness that was his mind and some about clients or places he needed to go. They usually left the detective disorientated if he stayed in them too long so when Alex was able to guide Hawk out of his visions it had been a huge weight off his shoulders. Not only that but Alex documented every vision to try and understand what triggers them, so far they had found that touching something related to the vision could set it off. It also was still a mystery to them as to why hawk also had the rare ability of creating lighting usually if you had one ability such as hawks visions he didn’t have a name for it yet and Alex’s spirit weapon craft that was it. Not that he was complaining the ever-buzzing presence of his lighting allowed him to feel connected to the world in ways his physical body was not.


Hawk knew he had not spoken in a while as was receiving a questionable look from the younger, through their bond he could feel his emotions they seemed to be worried which made hawk think of their recent conversation about him not opening up enough and being too much of an introvert which hawk corrected being an introvert is different to being shy and being shy is different to hating most people which for the most part he did. There was also the conversation about Hawk finding a girlfriend which made him remember his mother repeatedly telling him that at his age her and his father were already married and that he should find himself a “nice young lady” the thought made him inwardly cringe, romance wasn’t his thing he saved that for people with normal minds.

“James,” Alex started.

This pulled Hawk out of his thoughts but judging by how Alex was looking at him, he already knew what the younger was going to say but let him continue.

“Don’t you think you should move back in with your sister? I can feel you’re lonely and if you won’t accept a relationship why don’t you have your families company?”

Hawk frowned the annoying thing about the mark was its tedious way of allowing the other to feel their partners emotions if they are strong enough it made living with Alex’s constant loved up emotions a nightmare.

“If I moved back in with her I will commit… she’s so … female it’s weird and where my sister is my mother would also be, tending to that screeching demon spawn she calls grandson,” Hawk began catching a look of disapproval from Alex. “If you spend time with them you would understand, I mean we both know what happened the time we baby sat him.” He shuddered and wiggled his lightning embraced fingers in distaste. “For the record I’m not lonely I’m more fed up that’s all Edinburgh was mind numbing and Alex you should know I have no interest in any sort of relationship so please stop thinking that, not all of us are fuelled by magic and love…speaking of magic, why are your levels so low? Did you not replenish them before we left?”

“Been busy with the wedding plans and everything it didn’t cross my mind. The fact we haven’t had a case since…that one I didn’t see the importance, you stopped doing anything dangerous. Anyway once we get to London I will make sure I meditate but you have to promise this time that you don’t study me why I do it its weird and it puts me off.” Alex smiled.

“I can make no promises the faces you pull are the most interesting I’ve seen on a human.” The detective smirked before he paused looking at the newspaper a picture of a girl standing in a wolf mask making the front cover.

“That the lone wolf? Wouldn’t have thought it to be a female,” James said studying the picture more his tone turning serious.

“How do you know it’s female?” Alex asked also looking at the photo. “Her hairs not showing nor is that coat allowing you to see her figure.”

“she’s short look at her compared to the lamppost also her feet are small, she has thin arms judging by how the coat is baggy around her hand which are also small therefore by that she’s a female.” hawk shrugged acting as if doing this was easy for him. “I think she’s human but the mask throws me it’s a demon wolf mask judging by the markings its Japanese.” He placed his finger on the mask of the girl. “It’s an assassin’s ma-”

The End

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