After Twelve years of exile detective James Hawk was urgently called back to London to help push back the ever growing population of demons all of which searching for one thing. Pandora's key. Along with his partner Alex Morgan he sets out the find the key before the king of the demons. However what they find linked to the key could unlock the secrets of the detectives past.

She perched on the edge of the building, her long black coat dancing behind her with the wind, the sun was only just beginning to rise paining the sky a wonderful gold that destroyed the looming darkness of the night and made way the softness of the day. The cold was still present though, nipping at her leather-clad hands and forcing itself under her mask to steal her warmth. She could see the rain clouds lingering in the shadows of the suns wake ready to take over and plummet the world back into night.

The city had begun to awaken from its slumber and the silence of dawn was now becoming awash with sound. She glanced down at the rivers of black which channelled off each and every way taking humans to a from their homes. Small flashes of metallic colour were beginning to move swiftly along the rivers like small boats on a stream. A black figure moved between the sides of the sun painted buildings across the road from where the masked girl stood. She narrowed her eyes from behind her mask, thick locks of red brushed violently against her form making it look like her head was spewing blood.

Watching the shadows movements, she pulled out one of her twin daggers. This one was made with a white gold hilt with and iron blade, the gold shone with the oncoming morning light like a blade of stars. She brought it to her mouth and whispered words to it in a tongue unlike any other and with a glistening silver light a pure white wolf changed from the dagger, its wine coloured eyes focused and ready for its command.

“Track the serpent from the ground notify me when you see an ambush point,” the masked girl commanded.

“Yes m’lady.” The wolf growled before running off.

The girl leaned forward and allowed gravity to pull her down. The wind tugged at her body as if to grab her and stop her from falling to her death. She closed her eyes feeling the shift of the magnetic field change around her; it felt alive like a pulsing heart against her soul willing her to fall into it. Just before she hit the ground she pulled her second dagger out and through it at a wall, a long cable followed it its wake that pulled her away from the ground.

Leaping from the wire the girl flipped in the air and called for her dagger. It came to her with swiftness then landed in her open palm as she debarked on the frost-covered ground. The black coat spilled out around her in a halo of darkness. Nothing made her feel more alive than endangering herself, putting herself  at the brink of death where she could almost feel the ice cold hand of oblivion touch against her soul. Sighing the girl stood and allowed the gentle warmth of the oncoming sun to caress her body, she smiled softly the harshness of the winter seemed to have hidden just for a few moments to allow her to be embraced.

The sun was abruptly shoved from their hold by a rather aggressive looking rain cloud that soured across the sky like the sales of a pirate ship. The girl knew it was time for her to move if she wanted to avoid going to work with soaked clothes. She pulled the hood of her coat up and over the head of red hair shadowing the white mask before striding off into the street. She took pride in being the most dangerous thing on the street and always wondered what it would be like to show herself in front of the humans just to see their reactions.

“Behave.” A lupine voice sounded in her head and made her roll her eyes and shove her blade into its sheathe before turning the corner of the street and that’s when it hit her; Red hot searing pain which spread from her palm up to her chest, her body felt like it was on fire. Confusing pushed into her mind and started loosening the walls to her primal instincts forcing her demon side to stand on edge.

Leaning against the grey wall of the building she looked down at the glowing mark on her palm, it pulsed with fiery pain making her wince.

“What is it?”  The lupine voice questioned with a growl.

“The key,” she started breathlessly “it’s awakened.” 

The End

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