Tripping into the Underworld.

Ok. I know what you're thinking. That dumb thing I did was following the creature into the underworld. That's not the dumb thing. Well, sure, I did follow it, and most people would say that was stupid. But no. The dumb thing I did was Trip. Thats right. I Triped on the rim of the portal to the underworld. I mean, COME ON!!! Well, anyway, in my defense, I was a bit distracted. I mean, wouldn't you have been distracted by a very decorative celing? No?  Well, anyway I triped on the rim.( Yet again there was no warning label, which leads me to decide the underwold is anti-warning-lables or something.) After I triped, I fell through the portal, and right onto something very, very scratchy. Wow. What a galamours way to enter the underworld!!!

The End

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