Curiosity never killed the cat...

So ya, that was pretty much how it happend. I was just trying to enjoy a  normal meal. And I really did want to know if it was rubery like a bouncey ball or something. I mean they (by they I mean me.)  say curiosity never killed the cat, and they where right. It never has killed a cat, curiosity has only unleashed  all of the underworld. Wow. Well, anyway, I was pretty freaked out when this huge portal opened and this deamon thing told me they wanted me. And,  do you know what was weird? At fist, I wasn't really freaked out about the fact it was a deamon, but I was like, Dude, how did that thing know my name? I mean Pandora is not really a common name!  But, maybe my name had a lot to do with it. You know, that old legend, Pandora's Box? Well, whats been happening is a big co-inky-dink. Who knows, maby if my name was Smantha or Katie none of this would ever happen. Anyway, back to the story.     

The End

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