How it Happened

I smiled back at my mother.  "Thanks."  I said, looking eagerly at the happy meal.  It looked delicious.  We'd sat down at a table, my mom waiting for me to finish it, so we could leave and meet my father back at home.  He was really sick.

I opened up the bag, and started eating the delicious double cheese-burger with small fryes.

Then all I'd done was look inside to see if I had a toy, and found a glowling, floating, purple orb.  I picked it up, and it floated in the palm of my hand.

"what's this?"  I asked mother.  Then I suddenly squeezed it.  Really I hadn't ment to, I just wanted to see if it was rubbery or not.

Then It happend.  The word became suddenly black.  The room started shakeing, and most of the people fell over, including me.  I landed on the ground, and hit my head hard, drawing blood and leaving a bumb the size of an egg.

Then I saw it, the passage to the underworld.  A demon like animal looked at me from the inside, with yellow horns and red eyes.

It pointed at me.  "You, Pandora!  You, is what we's want!"  It said in it's scratchy voice.

Oops . . .

The End

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