Pandora's Cross

Lilith never knew a single truth - or so they said. She was the lying child who needed to be taught honesty.
Set in a world where the modern lifestyle is as it was in the 1800's, Lilith is a devil child whom was brought up in a strict Christian orphanage. Her pure soul tainted black where Sameal and Lamia, two young boys, who reveal themselves to Lilith in a time of need...

Lilith never knew a single truth, they say. She was the lying child who needed to be taught honesty, they say. Although, they never made an attempt to ease her into it. No. Easing her into a chaste state of mind would have been too easy, even for an eleven year old - beating her into it would not only leave the marks proving of her redemption, but it would slam it into "that pretty little head of hers". Or so they say. 


'Sister Moran! Sister Moran!' The skinny, mousy haired girl squealed loudly, 'Sister Moran!' 

'Moirah, what in the Lord's name is wrong with you? Why must you pester me so?' The frumpy women, wearing the pristine white headdress, huffed as she waddled over to the large oak table which was currently inhabited by fifty or so girls. 

'Well, you see, Sister. Look, Sister, Lilith dirtied my dress, look! She did it on purpose, see! She said I didn't look pretty and said I should go'n look even uglier!' The ratty child rambled tearfully, crocodile tears of course. 

'Again?' Sister Moran said heavily. She turned to the girl who was sat adjacent to the other. 

Lilith was a small girl. A tiny girl with long white-blonde hair which was always tied up into two neat twin tails. Her clothes were always a little more ruffled than the rest of the girls at the orphanage, and she sported a black eye patch which had had a thin line of lace sewn around the edges by someone they called her "mother". The eye patch was in place to hide something. Hide something which the Sister's of the orphanage considered evil, and they honestly believed that covering it up with a "blessed" patch, it could be restrained.

'Lilith, why on earth do you say such things to Moirah? And Abbey, and Riley, too?'

'I don't.' She replied simply, 'they do it to themselves.' 

'Liar!' The Sister shouted, 'you! Leave, now and go confess your sins to Father Angelo.' 

'I don't like Father Angelo, Sister.' She said quietly, 'he hit's me, he says that I am a sinner first wife of Adam.'

As Lilith said the words, the girls around her shifted uncomfortably, looking away. They had never spoken of this to the Sister's for fear of being beaten. 

'And I shall hit you, also if you do not go!' She bellowed, ignoring Lilith's last statement.

'As you wish.' Lilith said in a hushed voice, she tidily placed her cutlery in the centre of her plate - fork turned own. As she left the table, she hastily picked up the tattered doll she treasured so much. 

As she trotted through the hallowed, empty halls of Pandora Manor's orphanage, she cradled the doll to her chest. She stopped and looked around, paying Father Angelo a visit was the last thing on Earth and in Hell or Heaven, or any other divine place, she wanted to do. 

But she must go; for she would be given merciless punishment if she did not. Lilith's heart sank as she saw a dark, billowing figure make it's way towards her. She would recognise the disgusting swagger of Father Angelo anywhere. The sickening smirk that was constantly playing upon his lips. 

The older girls of the orphanage(the ones who hadn't been married off or sold) had often fretted over going to see him. But not for the reasons that Lilith did, no, they worried over whether their hair was nice, or if their shoes were polished enough. 

It was true, Father Angelo was a young and attractive young priest, but that was his downfall as a man of God. His beautiful face was stitched together with temptation and unknowing seduction. 

'Ah, you.' He scowled as he caught sight of the child who had half hidden herself behind an archway, 'Sister Moran notified me over ten minutes ago that you were to come and confess. Where have you been?'

'I walked slowly, Father.' She said honestly, 'because I do nothing wrong.' 

'Lies,' he sneered balefully, 'you lie, dirty child with the name of night.'

Lilith looked at her scuffed shoes, and followed Father Angelo without a word. She stiffened as he opened up the doors to his quarters, he gave her an angry look and shoved her inside, slamming the door behind him. 

'Sit there.' He barked, motioning to the chair Lilith had sat upon so many times before. 

'I've done nothing wrong.' She said again. 

'Really, now?' Snarled Father Angelo, 'really? You have done nothing wrong? Let me show you your wrong, your sin!' He moved forward with the lethal agility of a snake, ripping the patch from Lilith's eye.

The pupil grew and shrunk with the blinding light that greeted it, Lilith automatically put a palm to the hideous feature, but the Father removed her hand roughly. 

'I think we need to purify you once again?' He murmured.

'Please, do not.' Lilith begged softly, and she began to cry hushed sobs. But the young man was not phased by her cries, they only pushed him harder as he screamed the Holy Bible at her, tugging on her hair, pointing an accusing finger at her eye. 

All the while, endless streams of tears fell down her rosy cheeks. 



Someone, help!

'Let her be, insolent brute.' 


Lilith looked down, and all she could see was red, it filled her vision like wildfire. Fear corrupt her heart and panic flooded over her, the room echoed with her screams of terror.

'Child, so frail.' A masculine voice whispered softly to Lilith, 'you must cease your screams.' 

'Child, so frail.' Another voice, much airier than the other, murmured, 'you have nothing to fear.'

Lilith opened both her eyes slowly and her world was replenished.

The End

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