Pandora's Box

What if everyone had a pandora box? What if everyone contained the opportunity to open a world of bad things, or to keep them boxed up inside? What if we had control? 

There could be a box for every situation. We could have the choice to make the most of things and hide the bad, or become overwhelmed with the world's evil, at any given situation.

What if we were making a choice to see the bad? Would it be because we told ourselves its bad to hold all the evils in one place? Or did we tell ourselves we would become too naive, too trusting, if we only saw the good.

But being too trusting holds no justification to shut out the sunlight and hide in fear. That would be living in sinlight, in a cold dank place where we are driven form fear instead of towards passions. 

Or maybe pandora's box isn't a box to control the outside and all the things that happen. Its the power to control the reaction to the present, and everyone has a bottomless box.

We create our reality.

What will you do with your box?

The End

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