Grabbing the box

Amdree leant down and quickly picked up the rugged box. It still shook in his hands, but, upon feeling a human touch, the box seemed to know that it was being ruled.

Amdree nervously peered at it, at the intricate lines that formed the only decoration. The spiral carvings wound around the lid, linking in an odd double-helix style, and on the front face, the lines intertwined and merged down to a leering snake's head.

The top was plain, but as Amdree looked down, and light flittered through the attic in little circles of dust, the lid was illuminated; it was more than the matte brown wood that he had first thought it was, and there was a hint of sparkle that glittered over the flat lid. The feel of the box was the same, as though those jewels of light were sewn directly into the fabric of the box itself.

Turning it to face him again, Amdree unfortunately noticed that it was locked and the little keyhole showed no signs of breaking open without the key.

The End

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