Pandora's Box 2

When pandora opened the box in greek times horror was brought into the world, Now in 2089 Amdree finds a crumbly stone box in a 2010 built office which is starting to crumble, Amdree hears voices but no one else can.. when the box opens who can surpress the old cranky greek legend characters such as prometheus and odyseuss who want to bring back the world 3000 years to where they left off

Chapter one

The rotting floor boards creaked as Amdree snooped around his ancestors office.

Amdree was doing a project for school about his ancestors, whereas everyone else was doing virtual tours of their ancestral places, Amdree felt that going to the actual places would get him better marks and more knowledge. So here he was sneaking around like a mouse looking for cheese.

He heard whispering and knocking like a bully coming to show you up to your mother; he turned; he looked; he stared, at the little box rocking around, having an argument...

Chapter 2

The End

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