The return of Oz.

I was fifteen when Oz came back. I expected him to be twenty five. He came back with someone else who was called Alice. She was very nice. I met her because Ada's uncle, Oscar, asked me to visit Ada. I went to see her. I had to put the school uniform on though. Ada had been gone for a couple of years and I really wanted to see her but I could never find the time. When I arrived Ada noticed me and ran straight towards me and swept me in a hug.

"It has been way to long, Sora"

"Yeah, Ada. I really missed you. I was told to come here. Do you know whats happening."

"No. Uncle Oscar told me to come here to meet him, he didn't say anything about you."

We just looked at each other then started laughing. We must have been thinking the same thing at the same time. Then uncle Oscar comes up behind me and shouts "Hey Sora. Long time no see."

"Oscar hey."

Then out of the blue Oz come up arguing with someone (this person is Alice but I don't know yet.) I back away from him and hide behind a pillar. Ada runs towards him and sweeps him in a hug as well. Just like she did with me. I didn't want him to see me. I had grown up he wouldn't recognise me anyway.

"Sora come out. There is no point in hiding."


"Sora come on. We cried for five years straight and now he is finally here and all you can do is hide."

She comes over and grabs me from behind the pillar. My hair is in two plaits at either side of my body. It is a nice red colour and when tied up goes down to my knees. It was a lot shorter when I was younger, but the colour was the same. Of course I am in the school uniform for this school.

"Oh, your that girl from when I was getting put into the abyss."

"So it's true that's were you were?"

"Wow, she spoke. Yes I was there. Anyway it is nice to meet you my name is Oz Bezarius."

"Yes I know. I am really good friends with your sister. I have been since I was five. You havn't aged it is confusing me."

"Yeah. It is sort of hard to explain. I'll do it later."

"Sorry about my manners. My name is Sora Phantomhive. I'm the long lost sister to Ciel Phantomhive. "

"It is my plesure"

Ada looked at us and walked away slowly. She took Alice, uncle Oscar and Gilbert with her. Oz and I kept talking and we were getting on so well. I was so happy I finally got to talk to him. It really made me happy to know that I got on so well with him. I am hoping we get more time to talk. Ada didn't come back until I noticed she was gone. She can be so annoying sometimes, but I love her like family. We all ate together that night and we spoke together. Ada, Alice, Gilbert, Oz, Uncle Oscar and I. All of us united. At last. Although Alice is new she really did fit in well with our group. And so did I since I had never met Oz before. Now I knew that I definetly loved him. I loved him more than anyone ever could. He definetly didn't see me like I see him. He didn't love me. But at least now he was talking to me. And we got well. I also got on really well with Alice. We are now good friends. I want to go back with Oz and Alice, and also Gilbert.

The End

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