Oz's point of view.

The only thing on Oz's mind was 'Where the hell am I.' That was it. He didn't even think about the girl he saw before he vanished or his sister, Ada, or even his personal butler, Girlbert. He didn't want to die and if he coud he wanted to get back to the human realm. He had met a girl who was known as B rabbit, also Black rabbit. He was hoping to meet her again. And that wish came true. B rabbit found him and asked him his name. Of course he was very wary of this girl. She was known as someone deadly but she looked just like a normal girl. She didn't look like she would harm a fly.

Then she told him her name. It was Alice. It really was a nice name he thought. He hoped they could be friends but she suddenly bursts out and asks him to make a contract with her. She doesn't want to lie to him so she doesn't say that she can change back time like all the other things called chains say. She says that they have the same goal, they both want to leave the abyss. Alice so she can find her memorys. And Oz so he can go back to where he came from. He agrees to do this but he also says that he will help Alice look for her memorys. If they can both get out of the abyss alive he will help as much as he can.

The End

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