Where he went.

When I was ten. Oz had been gone for five years. Ada and I had been crying for that whole time. We were both so worried. Then someone came when we were sitting in the garden reading a book that Gilbert used to read to us when I went over to Ada's house. The pages were wet with tears. Every day at that same time we sat, crying, reading this book. Then someone came over to us and told us where Oz was. Of course we didn't believe him. We were reading a book on the same subject of were he was. The Abyss. You have no idea how much that made us cry. Even more that we had been. Gilbert was still in the house. He stayed just incase something happened to one of us. Oz would kill him if he left. Gil always stayed to see if his young master would come home.

Ada was thirteen. I didn't know if she was ever going to recover. I stay over at her house more often now. Oz may not be there but Ada tells me stories. She knows how much I love to hear them. They are so funny. How they always used to hide from Mrs. Kate, and Gilbert used to cover for them. He got so nervous he had to make something up on the spot. He didn't have any time to think about it. The fun times Ada had with Oz, they are all gone now and there was nothing we could do. I really want Oz back. Not just for me, but for Ada she really loves her big brother.

The End

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